Tummy time nightmare to a dream

Tummy Time

Tummy Time

My son hated tummy time for the longest. He absolutely 100% hated it. He would scream bloody murder when you put him on his stomach and instantly stop when you picked him up. We knew tummy time was crucial to his development. After all, how else would he gain the strength he needed to crawl. We kept trying and trying but no matter what he would freak out. Even his pediatrician was amused about his reaction. We needed a fix and we needed it right then.

That’s where a Boppy pillow comes in handy. We would lay him in it with his arms hanging over the side with a toy. We would also
lay there with him as to encourage him to do it. Let me tell you after that first time he loved it. He just started smiling kicking his legs. It gives them a chance to be able to look around and not have to worry about his face being on the ground.Tummy Time

There is no rhyme or reason to children. Some are happy to just lie on the ground and do tummy time. Then there are children who absolutely hate tummy time. I was lucky enough to found a trick to get him to like it. It really is all about trial and error when it comes to being a parent. Every child is different but sometimes the same solution works for multiple children.

Tummy TimeMy baby cousin for example, did not like tummy time. I suggested this method and it worked for him. It really is crucial for them to do tummy time. It helps them build strength in their arms which they will need to crawl. If they absolutely just refuse to do tummy time talk to your doctor they may be able to suggest something else in order for them to build the strength they need. Did you have trouble getting your little one to do tummy time? If so how did you solve the problem?


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