Tips on flying with a baby

Tips on flying with a baby

Flying with a baby

The first trip he was only four months old and we flew out to North Carolina. The second trip he was seven months old and my husband surprised me for our anniversary with a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada. I loved flying but it was stressful and very chaotic for me. We somehow managed to have layovers, delays, flight changes, and traveled to different time zones on both flights. We even were stuck on standby for 8 hours for the flight to Las Vegas but that will be another time.

The first time I flew with baby A I was alone. Being a first-time parent and flying alone with my infant was scary. To make matters worse it was also the very first time I flew without my parents or little brother. That flight was definitely a learning experience. It also helped with my nervousness about breastfeeding in public places. One thing I can say about both flights is that they were both learning experiences. I was fortunate enough to have several gentlemen help me with my carry on items and Baby A’s stroller. If it wasn’t for them my experience could have been a lot worse. Trying to juggle a baby in one arm and shut the stroller with the other, at the same time grabbing our carryon items, diaper bag, and my purse made for an interesting sight.


If you plan on flying with your little one plan, plan, and plan some more. We had arrived about 45 minutes before my flight the first time. I know they tell you to arrive and hour or two early for a reason. I definitely learned my lesson. By the time I had gone through security, I had barely enough time to make it to my gate.

Since I was bringing pumped bottles of breast milk, they had to run it through the special machine they had. It is required to do so if you bring any fluids through such as formula. They have to check it out to make sure it is nothing harmful that we are trying to disguise as something for our baby. So make sure you plan time to get through security. Also, they make you take your shoes off and belt off still; even if you are alone juggling a baby, carry on bags, and stroller. Here is a tip for you, check with your airline, the ones I traveled with let me check his car seat in at the gate and his stroller in at check in for free. I was also able to take his diaper bag as a separate carry on besides my own.

On Flight

When you are finally on your flight make sure to reassure your baby. I know my son was fussing till we started moving. He really doesn’t like to wait for anything. If you’re breastfeeding or bottle feeding make sure to feed them on takeoff and landing. I know Baby A was pulling at his ears as the altitude increased before I had given him a bottle. By the time we had reached altitude he was sound asleep, thankfully. He even stayed asleep as we descended.

I hope this helps you have a start to a flying experience with your little one. Feel free to message me if you need any more tips, tricks, or advice I may have on traveling with a baby. If you have flown with your little one before I would love to hear your experience?

Tips on flying with a baby


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