Our three year wedding anniversary trip – Day two

Day twoThree year wedding anniversary

Our three-year wedding anniversary trip continues. We had so much fun on our trip. Before we even went on our anniversary trip my husband said the only thing he would tell me was that we would all have fun. He was so right about that. On the second day we went to Ihop, the water park, toured the hotel, and went to eat at the Blue Goose Cantina.

Day Two

The second day we started off by having breakfast at Ihop. Ihop does seem to be our go to breakfast place. My husband orders something different each time and Rama usually has something different also. Of course, for me I have always ordered the something, the breakfast sampler with 4 pieces of bacon instead of sausage and with french toast instead of pancakes. I think I have order something different one time and that was off the lunch menu and didn’t like it so got the same thing every time after. Rama had a fun time playing with our waitress. They both were goofing around and talking to each other. Rama even waved his finger at her at one point it was funny. After breakfast, we took Rama to have a nap before venturing off to explore the resort.Wedding anniversary


Let me just say this place is huge. I had over 15,000 steps on my fit bit each day. All I wanted to do after we were done was soak my feet in the tub. I really need to invest in some insoles for my shoes or even new shoes. We first went and put our laundry in the wash so we would have something to wear when we went to the water park.

While we waited for them to wash and dry we went and explored. I must say the river inside was beautiful. I love all the rocks and the coy fish. We had fun trying to play chess with pieces as big as Rama. It was funny watching him try to move them. Rama really enjoyed looking into all the fountains. I know he probably wanted to get in them and would have if we weren’t close by always.

Water park fun – Paradise Island

After our clothes were done we headed off to catch the shuttle to the water park called Paradise Island. We were super excited. I haven’t been to a water park since before I was pregnant with Rama and he was born in 2015. This was also Rama’s first time visiting a watermark. We had so much fun as a family there. We started off in the lazy river where we had some difficulties with Rama’s life vest. I had to eventually take it off as it really was just more of a hindrance then anything. He had fun floating in a tube with his daddy instead.Wedding anniversary

After that, we moved into the pool where they had jets in some parts. My husband had fun going down the slide. I was tempted to try the zip-line but was worried about having a swimsuit mishap. As the park was going to close soon we went to the wood play-scape. Rama was having so much fun running everywhere. My husband and I were having fun dumping water on him. It was hilarious he even mean mugged my husband at one point but then started laughing.

Giant water bucket

What we hadn’t realized there was a giant water bucket that poured gallons of water on you every two minutes. We didn’t know about it until we were playing and got dumped on. It scared the bejeesus out of us. I know I jumped super hard but it was hilarious. I made sure to grab Rama one more time before we left to get dumped on again. My husband caught me on video standing there waiting for it to dump. All you see me do is run grab Rama and run back and bend so I was the main one who it dumped up. Rama and I were laughing so hard afterward high-fiving each other. He is definitely my child.

Dinner and Bed

We caught the shuttle to go back to our room to get changed and ready to go out to dinner. My husband couldn’t make up his mind on what he wanted. We ended up going to the Blue Goose Cantina. I wasn’t impressed really but my husband enjoyed his food. I did like the shell my taco salad came in. That was probably my favorite part. Rama didn’t want to eat anything. He was ready to go to bed it was two hours past his normal bedtime so I couldn’t blame him.Wedding anniversary

Overall, we had an amazing trip. My husband did a wonderful job surprising me and planning our three-year anniversary trip. I am truly blessed with a wonderful husband.Our three year wedding anniversary - Day two


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