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Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving comes around each year and with it family traditions. Whether they are big or small, extravagant or simple we all have them. As part of my Thanksgiving Thankful Series, I wanted to include family traditions. It’s amazing to think about the things we do each year without even realizing it.

For this post, I had to wrack my brain and do a lot of brainstorming to figure out what our family tradition was. It was really hard which might surprise you. You never really think about family traditions, you just do them. I imagine for the five lovely ladies I asked it was hard for them as well.

What are your family traditions?

As I am still wracking my brain for our family tradition let’s start with the ladies!!

Rendy from LeTez Events answered “Hmmmm. Nothing really. We usually go around and say what we are most thankful for.”

Brooke from From Nurse to Mom answered, “I write a Thanksgiving poem every year with the kids and read it during dinner. Always sure to bring a laugh. :)”

Sasha from OhhSash replied, “We like watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade for New York City and then we watch some classic Thanksgiving and Christmas Movies!” and “This year, we’ll be introducing our one-year-old to The Polar Express :)”

Jacqueline from Mama’s Munchkins replied, “Going to church and a big dinner (pretty typical!)”

Alexa from Girl in Healing answered, “Playing some sort of board game or card game”

These all are some great family traditions. I know some say typical but believe it or not some families don’t come together for Thanksgiving. It’s a sad reality for some as I couldn’t imagine spending it without my family.

I love all of these ideas and might just use them next year for my own Thanksgiving. It is always great to see how others spend their holidays and how they celebrate them with their families.  As I was writing I started thinking about what are things we do every year without fail. You always manage to forget the simple things in life.

Thanksgiving Thankful Series

My family traditions

I was making my grocery list to go shopping for the food before all the madness started and aisles were cleared. When I was reading the list to my husband to get his opinion and make sure I didn’t miss anything. He said we don’t need black olives. That’s when it hit me yes we do. We have black olives every year for as long as I could remember. My dad and I would eat them all while the food was cooking. Of course, my grandma would tell us to leave them be for dinner. My grandma, of course, knew we wouldn’t and still would put them out for us every year.

Another family tradition is we say a blessing and thank the Lord for our food. It doesn’t matter what religion we are or if we believe or not. We always say a blessing. Those are two family traditions that we have every year. Besides the fact, we all pass out after eating some yummy food. Have you thought about what your family traditions are? If so please share in the comments I would love to hear them!




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