Thanksgiving Thankful Series 1

Thanksgiving Thankful SeriesThanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a great time for family and friends to come together and eat some amazing food. There is no calorie counting or portion control. There is just yummy food that everyone eats way too much of. I love the holidays. Each one just has something special and unique about them. Being able to spend it together as a family just makes it so much better. This year I hosted Thanksgiving at my apartment. It went great, got overly stuffed to the point couldn’t eat dessert, but hey I just couldn’t help myself. I know come Monday I am going to be dying in the gym but the burn will totally have been worth it.

As part of my Thanksgiving Thankful series, it will be in three different posts. The first one, this one is about what we look forward to the most at Thanksgiving, the second post will be about a Thanksgiving tradition, and the final post is about what we are thankful for.

For me, what I look forward to the most at Thanksgiving is spending time with my family. Of course, the food comes in a close second. There is just something so amazing everyone coming together to celebrate a wonderful holiday. Everyone coming together, laughing, joking, playing around, and of course being loud is just something I look forward to.

First Thanksgiving

This year is my first Thanksgiving in my own home and with me doing all the cooking (desserts excluded). Usually, we have Thanksgiving at my grandma’s house but this year she went out of town so I hosted after all this is what she has been prepping me to do. Take over her spot as the hostess and let her be the guest. I am definitely looking forward to it all.

Responses from 5 lovely ladies

In this series, I took a survey which included 5 lovely ladies. I asked them, “What do you look forward to the most at Thanksgiving?” They responded with some great answers. I was amazed to see that they all had similar responses.

Rendy from LeTez Events answered “Eating with family and playing games.”

Brooke from From Nurse to Mom answered, “I love to be with all of my family together, but the food is a close second!”

Sasha from OhhSash replied, “Food! Good times and LEFTOVERS!”

Jacqueline from Mama’s Munchkins replied, “The dinner with the whole family (extended included).”

Alexa from Girl in Healing answered, “Eating!!! :)”

As you can see they all replied similar answers. These five lovely ladies definitely fall in line with what I am looking forward to Thanksgiving also. There is just nothing like eating and spending time with family. I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving.

What are you looking forward to the most at Thanksgiving?Thanksgiving Thankful Series




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