Ten Reasons I Am Rocking Motherhood Challenge

#RockingMotherhood Challenge

Ten reasons I am rocking motherhood challenge accepted

I was challenged to write ten reasons I am rocking motherhood. When I first agreed to it I thought well that would be easy enough. There are plenty of reasons I am rocking motherhood. Then I started writing and realized it truly is hard to write about your self. Being a mother you are always giving and never really think about yourself and how great of a mother you are. This challenge is truly an amazing way to make mothers realize just how much they are rocking motherhood.

Before I begin, I want to thank Jessica Sawyers at Exceptionally Ordinary for tagging me in her post.  I want to tag Trezelle of Glam birth services, Pamela of Hodge Podge Moments, Karina of Love made Hand made, Aline of One Drop, and Princess of The Mom in Me. I cannot wait to see the ten reasons you all are rocking motherhood. This is a wonderful challenge to be a part of and I hope it opens your eyes as it did mine.

Let the challenge begin

  1. My son is happy and healthy most of the time.
  2. He is becoming one amazing human being.
  3. I encourage him to try new things.
  4. I’m teaching him to conquer his fears and not let them get in his way.
  5. I make sure to have a family day once a week to instill the importance of spending time with your family.
  6. I encourage reading and art. It is a way he can express himself.
  7. He knows his self-worth. I love that he claps for himself and I encourage it.
  8. I can see the humor in his antics even when I really shouldn’t. Such as dropping eggs all over the floor then sliding in it.
  9. I teach him discipline and respect of others.
  10. Above all else I love him unconditionally and without fail.

I am rocking motherhood and so are you

These are just some of the reasons I am rocking motherhood. When I was thinking of what to write it made me realize that I really am rocking motherhood. There may be times I feel like I am not and there probably are times I’m not. What really matters though is how much I love, support, and cherish my son. I am instilling in him values that he will pass on to his own children one day. I am teaching him to love himself and others and everyone deserves respect. He may only be a year old but is already turning out to be one awesome human being. That right there lets me know how much I truly am rocking motherhood.

Tell me how are you rocking motherhood?#RockingMotherhood Challenge


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