Taking a baby to the doctors

Going to the doctors

Before having my son I never knew how much time a parent spends in the doctor’s office. You have appointments for their vaccines. Then there are those in between when they get sick. Trust me that happens quite often with their immune system still developing. Did you know a baby gets up to 8 colds within the first year alone on average that is just insane; of course some get more. Being a first time mom of course I take my child in for the littlest sneeze working myself up thinking something is horribly wrong. It happens to the best of us especially being the first child everything is new. You just want that reassurance that nothing is wrong.

Before the visit

There are ways to make those visits run as smoothly as possible you’re already worried about having to go, so let’s make it a little less stressful.  Make sure your baby has eaten before the appointment nothing is more stressful than a screaming hungry baby. Have the diaper bag packed and by the door so you can grab and go.

Running late

No matter how hard you try to be on time something always seem to come up making you late. Last minute diaper changes, spit up, a lost pacifier, etc. I try to leave at least 15 minutes earlier than I actually have to, as most the time I end up leaving right at that time. Take any and all medicine your child is on makes it easier so you don’t forget the names and which needs refills, plus the doctor will ask what medicine you are giving them even something as simple as gas drops. Write down any questions you may have so not to forget any.

If your going for shots take your baby book, or the little card you got at the hospital. It comes in handy to keep track of the shots they have received. Write down any symptoms they have and when they started so you’re not trying to play the guessing game.

Last but not least breathe it’s going to be alright. See what the doctor says before freaking out. Even then the best thing you can do for your child is relax. Children go off of your emotions, if they feel you all tense it is only going to stress them out.


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