Being able to hear your baby’s heartbeat at home

Heart Beat

Baby’s heartbeat

When you are pregnant the greatest thing to hear is your baby’s heartbeat. You literally wait for each appointment just to hear it. I remember the first time I heard my sons heart. I was eight weeks pregnant and it was the most amazing sound I heard. My husband and I could not wait to have another appointment just to hear my baby. We always wanted to be able to hear my baby whenever I wanted to.

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Kiinde Twist

Kiinde Twist

The Kiinde twist is absolutely awesome. It is definitely a breastfeeding must have. I just love that I can pump straight into the bag and then freeze it. Once I am ready to use it I can thaw it out warm it up and attach it to the bottle that it comes with.  The kit I received was a sample kit. It came with the bottle, two nipples a slow flow, a medium flow, two storage bags, the breast pump attachment (which you can choose the one that fits your pump), and a 50% off coupon.  Continue Reading →


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