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Family Day: Labor Day Weekend


Family Day: Labor Day Weekend

Spending time as a family is very important to my husband and I. We want our son to grow up having memories of us all together. No matter what we are doing or how busy and hectic our schedules are. We always make time to spend together, just the three of us. This weekend for family time it happened to fall on Labor Day weekend. What better way to spend our family day than to cook out. And spend the day outside. We planned to make chicken, steak, and baked potatoes. It was delicious.

We started off our day with an amazing breakfast cooked by my husband. Mine ended up being a tad bit cold because of Baby A. After all, he decided he wanted my breakfast, after he got done eating his. I love spending time with just my guys. We are making memories for our son to grow up to cherish. Being able to watch him crawl and walk around laughing and having such an enjoyable time is the best sight to see as a parent. Our son is getting good at walking, even followed his daddy around the couch.


Family time interrupted

Sometimes though family time gets interrupted. Our plans get messed up and changed. That’s just the unfortunate part of life. No matter how hard you try to plan things life gets in the way. Our time got messed up today, unfortunately, but we still made the best of it and cooked out. Our son had a blast that was the most important thing. We all made some memories today. He is young and may not remember them later but at least my husband and I will.

Just because your little one can’t remember now, it doesn’t mean you can’t start making memories. Start the tradition now and as they grow older, you will keep them. Even if they can’t remember at least you can. These are memories us as parents will cherish as our babies grow older. Enjoy making those memories and celebrating those holidays. What did you do for Labor Day Weekend? Did you bring out the camera and snaps some pictures to show your little ones when they are older?


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