Baby sick for first-time

Baby sick first-time

Baby sick

When Baby A got sick for the very first time I was so worried. I knew he would be okay but I didn’t know what to do to make him feel better. He was only a month old so there really wasn’t much I could do to improve the situation. I just had to let Mother Nature run its course.

Fortunately, he just was congested so it did not take long for him to get better. It did take a lot of nose suctioning and baby Vicks on his feet with socks on. I remember feeling so bad that he was sick. I called and made an appointment with his pediatrician. I called my mom and aunt to see if they had any advice as to what to do. I hadn’t known it was just congestion at the time. I just knew he was miserable and sounded horrible. Looking back now it was funny all the running around my husband and I did try to figure out what was wrong and make him feel better. You could definitely tell we were first-time parents.Baby sick

You are not alone

It was really hard though not knowing what to do or expect. You can read every doctor’s book ever made and scour the internet trying to figure out all possible things that could happen. Until you experience it first-hand though you really don’t know how you’re going to react. I thought I would be calm like oh this is normal. I never expected to feel so stressed and terrified that something major was wrong with my baby. I didn’t expect to run to the store looking at every possible baby item to see if anything would work for him.

Baby sick

Being a parent is stressful and scary. It doesn’t come with an exact handbook. You never know when your little one will get sick or how bad. I could wash my hands five million times a day and that still wouldn’t have prevented him from getting sick. Sometimes our little ones getting sick is for the best. I know, how is our little one getting sick actually good for them? It is because it helps them build up their immune system. I know I hate seeing my son sick as any parent would. Just know you are not alone in parenthood. It happens to the best of us and we all react differently.

Do you remember the first time your little one got sick? How did you react? What were they sick with?


Tips and Tricks on how to deal with bath time dramtics

Bath Time Dramatics

Bath Time Dramatics-First Bath

When my son got his first bath let me tell you the drama was real. He was screaming and kicking. I felt bad for my husband having to hold our little 7lb 5oz wiggly infant being first-time parents yikes. I was just watching snapping pictures trying to document every moment. As I knew he wouldn’t be that tiny for long. This being our first child I was not expecting screaming. I always saw other kids babbling, smiling, or at least just lying there. The funny thing about it was it was just a sponge bath.  Continue Reading →


How to baby proof your home

Baby Proofing

It is time to baby proof

Once your baby starts moving around more it is time to baby proof. They get into absolutely everything they are not supposed to. My son has literally broken my husband’s Xbox 360, four phone chargers, and a lamp light bulb. He is always on the go. Ever since he started scooting around. Then started pulling himself up on to stuff, and now he is walking.
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Attempting to clean with a baby

Trying to clean with a baby feels like it is impossible. How are you to clean when your child keeps getting into absolutely everything. They just do not sit still. Especially once they start scooting, crawling, and/or walking. If I take my eyes off my son even for a second he will already be getting into stuff. No matter how much I try keeping my apartment baby proofed. My son always manages to make it seem pointless.

I seem to have found a trick with my son though. Where I am able to clean up and not have him get into anything. I am not talking about a full apartment cleaning but at lease be able to wash the dishes, start dinner, or throw some clothes in the wash. My son loves putting everything in his mouth. He does not care what it is or if its unsafe for him to have. He will stick it in his mouth in two seconds flat.

The Trick

The trick I have found that works most of the time is sticking him in his high chair. I do not know why but when I put him in his high chair whether with baby snacks or with toys. He will sit there happily and just eat or play. He is in my eye-site at all times and I am close by when he is eating snacks. I am not talking about putting your child in there for hours at a time. So PLEASE do not do that its only for a quick fix. Just as you still need to watch your child. It is not meant to leave them unsupervised. Just as it will not work with all children.

My son loves being in his high chair it means he is up high and able to see what I am doing. Children are extremely curious. It also helps that I tell him what I am doing . Even if it boiling water I will tell him why I am doing it. Treat it as a learning experience for them. Your able to get some housework done and teach at the same time.

It may seem silly telling them what you are doing. Children are smart though and it is a way for them to learn. Whether it may seem like it or not children learn how to speak from us. Even at a young age, as my son is 7 months old and I have told him everything I do since he was born. It is never to early to educate.


Taking a baby to the doctors

Going to the doctors

Before having my son I never knew how much time a parent spends in the doctor’s office. You have appointments for their vaccines. Then there are those in between when they get sick. Trust me that happens quite often with their immune system still developing. Did you know a baby gets up to 8 colds within the first year alone on average that is just insane; of course some get more. Being a first time mom of course I take my child in for the littlest sneeze working myself up thinking something is horribly wrong. It happens to the best of us especially being the first child everything is new. You just want that reassurance that nothing is wrong.

Before the visit

There are ways to make those visits run as smoothly as possible you’re already worried about having to go, so let’s make it a little less stressful.  Make sure your baby has eaten before the appointment nothing is more stressful than a screaming hungry baby. Have the diaper bag packed and by the door so you can grab and go.

Running late

No matter how hard you try to be on time something always seem to come up making you late. Last minute diaper changes, spit up, a lost pacifier, etc. I try to leave at least 15 minutes earlier than I actually have to, as most the time I end up leaving right at that time. Take any and all medicine your child is on makes it easier so you don’t forget the names and which needs refills, plus the doctor will ask what medicine you are giving them even something as simple as gas drops. Write down any questions you may have so not to forget any.

If your going for shots take your baby book, or the little card you got at the hospital. It comes in handy to keep track of the shots they have received. Write down any symptoms they have and when they started so you’re not trying to play the guessing game.

Last but not least breathe it’s going to be alright. See what the doctor says before freaking out. Even then the best thing you can do for your child is relax. Children go off of your emotions, if they feel you all tense it is only going to stress them out.


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