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Milkies Soft Cloths

Milkies Soft Cloths

Let me start off by saying these Milkies soft cloths are not like any other in size or texture. Both my son and I felt them before we even used them. We both love how soft they are. The first thing my son did was rub it on his face and smile. The best thing in the world to see is the smile on my sons’ face. That right there would make me buy the product alone. Knowing my little one already likes them before we even tried them out was awesome to see.  Continue Reading →

Milkies food trays

Milkies Food Trays

Making baby food is so much fun but trying to find something to store it in, not so much. I was lucky enough to try out these Milkies food trays and let me tell you I love them. You can slide them right in my freezer in between boxes and not have to worry about them. I love that you can make the baby food and pour it in them to make 1 oz serving sizes. This way it doesn’t go to waste, just pop out the serving amount you want, thaw it out and let your little ones have at it. I stored several different flavors at once that is why there is a variety of colors.  Continue Reading →


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