Styling Baby A in AjAllen Creations Hug Life Shirt

AJAllen Creations

Styling Baby A

This week for styling Baby A we have a cute little shirt from AjAllen Creations on Etsy. The shirt baby A received is absolutely adorable and fits his sweet loving personality.

About AjAllen Creations

AjAllen Creations was created when she won a Silhouette Portrait in a giveaway. She started out making things for her classroom as she is a full-time teacher. That really is remarkable and commendable job teaching our young. After a while, she received requests from other teachers asking her to create things for them.ย  It was only then she decided to open up none other than AjAllen Creations. It really must be hard work to not only be a full-time teacher but a business owner as well. She has so many great things in her shop. You will find baby/toddler/kids onesies and shirts, shirts for moms, teacher gifts, mugs, gifts, and iron on vinyl decals. I may just have to buy me one of her workout muscle tanks they look really cute and motivational. She has the future goal of doubling her sales amountย and increasing her Facebook and Instagram followers. Items that you will find in the future personalized dog tags, coasters, mousepads, and fully printed clipboard.AJAllen Creations

Hug Life

Baby A received AjAllen Creation toddlers hug life shirt. It is so adorable. I slid it right on baby A with only a diaper on. That is definitely the look he prefers to wear around the house. Of course, although he looked so stinking cute with that look going outside we definitely needed a different one. Considering how crazy unpredictable our weather is I loved how many different looks the shirt looked great with. Baby A rocked his hug life in a pair of black shorts and blue jeans. It also looked great with a thermal underneath it to add sleeves for the cold days. I would not suggest wearing it to the park as it is white. I would hate to see Baby A get his messed up it really is just so perfect for him. He loves giving people hugs so it really fits his personality.AJAllen Creations

What do you think of this adorable hug life shirt? Have you checked out AjAllen Creations? You can find her at AjAllen Creations on etsy, Facebook, Instagram, or email her for more information. Find out how you can be a part of MommyWifeLifestyle styling Baby A series by contacting me.

AjAllen Creations


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