Styling Baby A in YouthBloom shirts

Styling Baby A

Hello, everyone this week we are featuring YouthBloom on styling Baby A series. The two shirts Baby A received are super adorable and funny. I love that they are not only cute but are on the humor side as well. That is something that definitely fits my goofy toddler.  Finding boy clothes for Baby A is tough. Finding ones that fit his personality is even harder. I love looking at Etsy shops to find clothes to add to his ever expanding wardrobe. After all, they grow so fast it really is hard to keep them clothed.


About YouthBloom

YouthBloom was created when Patrick and Elle had a daughter. Patrick went to art school for 3D design and was designing his own shirts in his spare time. It took five years for Patrick to start his business because of school and with the encouragement of his wife. He began to make shirts for his daughter and business while working a 9 to 5 job. I love the fact they are trying to make something different in the children’s clothing realm. Their goal is to make cute with a sense of attitude clothes for kids. I love that they use things they like such as video games, geek culture, music, tv shows, movies and etc. I know I wouldn’t mind seeing a Big Bang Theory toddler shirt or Grimm for that matter.


They have a wonderful goal of becoming a national brand. Here is a quote from Patrick himself “We would like to be thought of as a brand that gets recognized for our fresh or original designs. We definitely appreciate every purchase we get, as it validates us and the designs we’re putting out there.” You should definitely hop on over and check out their designs for your children.


In the Future

In the future, you will see different types of clothing such as leggings, long sleeves, tank tops, and best of all themes. Just picture it your little tyke running around in 80’s themed clothing. That would seriously just be the cutest thing to see.


I really look forward to seeing what YouthBloom comes up with and watch them grow. They really do have adorable clothes and not just for girls but for boys also. It looks like Baby A has another place to shop to add to his wardrobe. I hope you enjoy a peek at these shirts “Deal with It” and “Cool Story Mom now get me some juice.” I know I can just picture Baby A saying those things and then running off laughing.

What do you think of these adorable shirts? Have you checked out YouthBloom? You can find them at YouthBloom on Etsy, Facebook, Instagram, twitter and coming soon a website. Find out how you can be a part of MommyWifeLifestyle styling Baby A series by contacting me.


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