Tips on taking a road trip with a baby

Road trip Road Trip

The idea of traveling with a baby in any form is nerve-racking. Hearing all the stories of screaming kids can make any parent worried about traveling, especially a first-time parent. Traveling with an infant is doable. It just takes a  bit of planning, even if it’s a surprise road trip your spouse decided to make for y’all. One of the main tasks you have to worry about is packing. I know that seems easy enough to do just throw some clothes in a bag and your toiletries, done. Wait now you have a baby to think about. It is always easy to forget stuff when it comes to packing for them. Another thing you need to know is how long you’re going to be gone. An extra day can make all the difference in the world but don’t freak out if it is for an extended day just takes a little few more adjustments and you are good to go.


It is a tad harder traveling with a breastfed baby versus a formula fed baby. I suggest pumping some bottles if you are breastfeeding and don’t want to make a ton of stops. You can also breastfeed while they are in their car seat if you are big chested. It is a tad uncomfortable but it is totally possible to do. Trust me I have breastfed Baby A while he is in his car seat several times. If you are bottle feeding your little one formula, you can make bottles of water in advance and just bring formula to put in them. I would also suggest having a few extra water bottles on hand. You never know when they could become of use.

Making stops

Do not forget you have to make stops ever so often for diaper changes. You do not want your baby to get a diaper rash and be in pain the whole time. That is not fair to them and no fun for you. I recommend bringing a bag, such as a doggy poop bag; as they come scented. These will come in handy when you do not have anywhere to dispose of the diapers. No one wants to ride in a car smelling a dirty diaper the whole time.

Make sure you bring enough clothes and extras for your child, accidents do happen and often. Also bring hand disinfectant; you won’t always have access to restrooms to wash your hands after a diaper change. If they are at the age where they’re able to play; bring some of their toys to amuse them. You could also bring some crayons and coloring books if they are old enough for them. I would recommend investing in a portable Dvd player for the long car rides also. I know I will be purchasing Baby A one here soon. It makes road trips so much easier and quieter when they are entertained. A bored baby or toddler is a miserable time for all around. I also have a mirror so that I can look back at Baby A without having to turn my head around and he can see my face as well.

Plan extra time

It also is a great idea to plan at least an extra hour if not two for travel time. For example, if you’re traveling somewhere that is 5 hours away plan on it taking 6 to 7 hours instead. You may not think you will need the extra time but trust me something always comes up. I just rather always plan on the side of caution. You never know what to expect while traveling with a baby. Most importantly have fun, make memories, and bring your camera you’re going to want to take photos. I hope this helps make your family road trip with your baby a lot less stressful. Have you traveled with your little one? If so, how was your experience?Tips on taking a road trip with a baby


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