Relatives and unsolicited advice

Being a first time mom has its challenges not all are about your child some are about relatives. When you’re a new mom every one is ready to give advice whether solicited or unsolicited. Whether it is about what clothes your child should wear, whether you should supplement with formula if you’re breast-feeding, what kind of bottles to use, how much to feed your child, whether to buy your child toys and if so how many, and etc.

Everyone is giving you advice as well as telling you what you should and shouldn’t do. There are also some who try to correct you instead of letting you do things your own way. Trying to manage relatives is tough. Especially when you’re not only a first time mom but a young one as well (20). Some believe being older means your more experienced and knowledgeable about child rearing. In some cases that maybe true but in others it’s not.

Different generations

Different generations raise their child in different ways. I do like the old ways where children play outside instead of inside. I also do love technology and see some benefits in them as well. You just have to remember this is your child. Thank them for their advice but you don’t have to use it. Do what you think is best for your child. After all you did carry them for 9 months. Well in a father’s case assisted his spouse in those tough 9 months. Just remember you may not have asked for the advice, but it is in good manners to thank them none the less.


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