One way to solve biting while breastfeeding

Breastfeeding and biting

When I first thought about breastfeeding one of my concerns was when my son got teeth. What would I do then? I did not want to become a chew toy. Yikes, the thought of him biting me was terrifying and painful. I was worried that I would not be able to continue to breastfeed once those first teeth came in. I knew I wanted to breastfeed as long as I possibly could; just didn’t know how that would be feasible. It really didn’t help that everyone (people who had never even breastfed themselves) would tell me he was going to bite me really hard. They would also tell me how I should start weaning him before he got teeth for that exact reason.

The one thing I was determined to do was breastfeed Baby A as long as possible. It didn’t matter about his teeth coming in. It didn’t matter what other people thought or said. I was determined. When he started teething at four months old I was petrified. How was he going to learn not to bite me? How was he going to learn to keep his teeth covered as not to cause me pain? There were just so many questions I could not answer and had no one to ask.

First Teeth

Baby A cut his first teeth at six months old. Yes, I mean teeth. He cut two at first then a couple weeks later he cut two more for a total of four. I was worried each time he nursed that he was going to bite me. Of course, everyone would ask me if he had bit me yet. I was fortunate enough to say he hadn’t. There came a time, one time might I add that he actually did bite me.

That was a very painful experience. One I have not had to repeat since that day. Once he bit me the first thing I did was put my boob away. I refused to let him nurse for ten minutes. That seemed to do the trick as not to get him to bite me ever again. As a breastfeeding mother, there is one thing I know. A breastfed baby does not like his milk taken away. When they want their milk they will do everything possible to get to it even if that is ripping a shirt. That is something I learned from experience. I have heard from other mothers that taking their milk away has solved their biting problem as well.

Every baby is different

Every baby is different. This may work for some babies others may need other measures taken to prevent your nipple being bitten. I hope it is as simple for you as it was for me. Baby A and I are going on 16 months of breastfeeding. He currently has a total of ten teeth, two of those are molars.


Has your baby ever bitten you while breastfeeding? If so what did you do to fix that problem?


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