National Mom.Life play date day

Play DateMom.Life national play date day

Hosting a Mom.Life play date was tons of fun I met several great moms and their adorable children. I was recommended an amazing park called Mary Jo Peckham park in Katy, Texas. I had never been there before neither had many of the moms who had come. We all had such a wonderful time even though we had to end early do to it raining. We also had several great sponsors including Mom.Life, Plum Organics, Triple paste, and Kiinde.

Plum Organics gift bag sponsor

The kids loved the Plum Organics baby food. They guzzled them down then wanted more. I love that they come in several assorted flavors and flavor combinations. My son particularly loved the fruit ones. He is not the biggest fan of pureed vegetables but didn’t mind the ones mixed with fruit also. Another thing I loved about their baby food is it is all organic. Having a safe organic, healthy, and yummy baby food that our little one’s love is wonderful. It gives any parent a peace of mind. They are also great to just can toss them in your diaper bag and walk out the door. Baby A loves to hold them by himself like a big boy.

Gift bags

Two of our other sponsors was Mom.Life, Summers inc, and Kiinde. There was  triple paste medicated diaper rash cream and eczema lotion in our gift bags. We also had Kiinde starter kits to give out to everyone who attended. There were two giveaway items a Mom.Life onesie and Kiinde gift set. There were also ice water bottles to drink, sugar and chocolate chip cookies to eat.

I had so much fun planning and hosting a Mom.Life play date and plan to host more in the future. So, join me on Mom.Life app @MommyWifeLifestyle to stay tuned for the next play date. We want to thank all my sponsors for the Mom.Life national play date day. I also want to thank all the lovely ladies who attended and brought their adorable children. I hope to see everyone and more at the next play date. What did you think of the play date? Would you like to come to another one minus the rain of course?Play Date


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