Spent my mom break cleaning the apartment

Mom Break

A needed break

When you are a mom it is hard to get a break. There is always something to do. A diaper needs to be changed, a baby needs to be fed, a sippy cup needing found, and etc. When you do get a break, it is rare. I was given a break from my husband yesterday. That was definitely a needed break. Even though I was not happy how long they were going to be gone.  I even told him to just come back a couple times, of course, he refused.


Mom break

After the first hour of texting, asking if he was okay, sad he was gone. Then  I remember I had all those Blue Blood shows recorded that I never get to watch. I am always too busy chasing my son around and doing other things to watch it. I had 51 shows recorded, it was time to start watching them. It was weird to be able to sit there not hear him getting into stuff, crying, or playing with his toys. I watched 3 episodes and I deserved it. To just relax eat some cake and watch my shows

Started feeling guilty

After those shows, I started feeling guilty. I was sitting there enjoying my time alone watching tv. There was so much to be done. Looking at my living room was a prime example of things that needed to be done. The more I looked at it the less guilty I felt but it was bugging me more and more.  I couldn’t take it anymore this was my first break in months I was taking advantage of getting our apartment cleaned. It took two hours to get my living room cleaned, another hour for my kitchen, and I didn’t even get to the rest by the time they got home.Mom break


I just feel so accomplished my living room has carpet lines. I haven’t seen those since he started scooting around. There is nothing under my couches. I even found a sippy cup. I  felt a lot more relaxed now that my living room and the kitchen is cleaned. This is how many moms spend their breaks. Getting things done that you can’t with your little one around. I love my son and am so happy being able to spend so much time with him. Even I need a break sometimes even if it was a forced one. Looks like my husband knew what I needed more than I did.

Mom break



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