Milkies Soft Cloths

I received these product for free in exchange for writing my honest review. Although the product was free, all opinions are of my own.

Milkies Soft Cloths

Let me start off by saying these Milkies soft cloths are not like any other in size or texture. Both my son and I felt them before we even used them. We both love how soft they are. The first thing my son did was rub it on his face and smile. The best thing in the world to see is the smile on my sons’ face. That right there would make me buy the product alone. Knowing my little one already likes them before we even tried them out was awesome to see.

Once my husband came home the first thing I did was say, “feel how soft these are.” The very next words out of my mouth were, “we are definitely buying these for the next baby we have.” They are definitely worth the money. These washcloths are not like other baby washcloths. They are definitely not in the same size realm. For some reason, most people think because a baby is small that they have to be the size of their foot. I could never understand that.


I tried using other washcloths but they were just too rough for my baby’s sensitive skin. Then I received these Milkies soft cloths and was surprised how big they are. They are absolutely the perfect size. I wish I found them when my son was first born. Then to top it off they are so soft like cashmere on your skin. I could even use them for myself if I wanted to and I just might. They are about the same size as my own washcloths maybe even a tad bigger.

I know if my son gets sick again and needs a warm cloth this would be perfect to heat up and lay across him if was needed. If you’re looking for washcloths that aren’t the size of your babies feet and aren’t rough like sandpaper these are the ones to buy. Have you tried Milkies soft cloths? If so what was your experience with them?


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