Milkies Freeze

Milkies Freeze

 Milkies Freeze sold by Fairhaven Health

Trying to keep track of when you put your breast milk in the freezer and which is oldest is tedious work. I will literally just grab the first one I can find. After all, it usually gets mixed up with my other groceries. I just do not have the time to organize my breast milk along with everything else. Now that I have the milkies freeze I do not have to. It not only stores all my breast milk in one convenient place but it also goes by the first in first out method. Added bonus you can put your breast milk bag on the top to have it freeze it flat.

Fairhaven Health

What you need to know

The milkies freeze is a breast milk bag storage container. This way you do not have to worry about searching and organizing your breast milk bags. All you have to do is pump your breast milk into a bag, label the bag after all who knows when you are going to need it next. Then lay your bag on the quick freeze tray until it is frozen so that way it freezes flat. After it freezes, stick it into the top slot with the top of the bag facing out so you can make a quick grab when you need to. Then you’re done and organized no more having to look to see which bag is the oldest. The milkies freeze does that for you after all once you place the bag inside it just falls down to the bottom so it will be the next one you grab.

Milkies Freeze

Why I like it

I love the fact it is easy to store my breast milk. Having all my milk in one easy place definitely, makes life easier. I do not have to worry about my milk getting mixed up with my other food or it having holes poked in it for that reason. It literally can store up to 60 ounces of breast milk. That definitely works for me since I do not pump often. I also like the first in first out method. It is always best to use your oldest milk first. As it can only be stored for so long before going bad even in the freezer.

Milkies Freeze

I also like that it has a tray to freeze it on so it will freeze flat and makes it neater to store. Added bonus it doesn’t take up to much space I actually was able to set it on my milkies food trays to have it all in one place. I did have to lower my shelf as I have a two shelf freezer but there was still room for everything I needed in the freezer and then some.

If you are looking for a breast milk storage container this is definitely one I recommend. It really does have great qualities for such a simple thing. Do you have a milkies freeze? If so what do you like about it?

Milkies Freeze


I received this product for free in exchange for writing my honest review. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are of my own.

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