Milkies food trays

I received these product for free in exchange for writing my honest review. Although the product was free, all opinions are of my own.

Milkies Food Trays

Making baby food is so much fun but trying to find something to store it in, not so much. I was lucky enough to try out these Milkies food trays and let me tell you I love them. You can slide them right in my freezer in between boxes and not have to worry about them. I love that you can make the baby food and pour it in them to make 1 oz serving sizes. This way it doesn’t go to waste, just pop out the serving amount you want, thaw it out and let your little ones have at it. I stored several different flavors at once that is why there is a variety of colors.

So many options

There is so much you can do with this product regarding baby food it is amazing. You can dice up some fruit stick it in there to freeze and make little frozen snacks for your little one. You can even make popsicles with it for your little one. Definitely great to have when your little one is teething. My son has two teeth coming in right now. I made him a popsicle he was non-stop gnawing on it. Definitely, could tell it was making his gums feel good. You can read all about how I made them here at How to make teething popsicles for your little one.

I also love that it came with two trays. Each tray holds eight one-ounce portions for a grand total of 16 ounces in baby food. The fact that I can just make one big batch and not have to worry about it going to waste is a blessing on its own. If you plan to make your own baby food these are something you would want to invest in.


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