Making memories at the Park, Today!!

Park advnetures

Park adventures

Taking my son to the park today was a blast. He had so much fun, even made a little friend. His head was turning this way and that way. We were walking all over the place trying to explore. He even went down the slide like a big boy. Of course, with me holding on to him after all, he still my baby boy. The time we spent the longest on would be the swing. I was so proud of him. He starts swinging on his own leaning forward and backwards to keep going. Such a smart little man I have. Taking the time out of my day to just go spend time at the park that was the greatest part.Park adventures

There are just not as many hours in a day; that we need as parents to accomplish everything, that needs done. Even being a stay at home mom I still had a ton I needed to get done before bed. I just knew that my son needs me more than those chores did. We had an amazing time running around playing and that is all that matters. Let the chores be they can wait till tomorrow but making memories at the park with your little one today can’t. We only get this one day, this one moment to make a memory that we will cherish for a lifetime.

Making Memories

No matter how busy you get or how much you have going on in your life. Make time to spend with your little ones. Don’t miss out on their childhood by being too busy to enjoy it. They grow up so fast, treasure every second of it. You will never get that second back.Park adventures

Whether having a picnic at the park or playing a board game inside. Go out for a walk around the neighborhood or to your local ice cream shop for a cone. You won’t regret it. Seeing the smile on your child’s face after spending time with them. That is one of the greatest joys of being a parent.




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