How to make teething popsicles for your little one

Teething Popsicles

Teething Popsicles

Babies seem to start teething at such an early age. Every child starts teething at a different age but eventually they all do. Baby A started teething at two months old. Being a first-time mom I was not expecting that. We did not know what to do to help soothe him. I just wanted to make him feel better. We would rub his gums, tried teething gels, a wet rag put in the freezer for him to gum, and teething rings.

As he got older and was able to eat food I found new things that helped with his teething. Nothing feels better to a teething baby than gnawing on something cold. Teething rings work great but I wanted something he could eat also. What better way to satisfy both needs by making popsicles. I have a milkies food tray which is the perfect size and shape to make popsicles with. It makes one-ounce portions and their cylinder perfect for little hands to hold. I made fruit ones my son absolutely loved them.


Any baby food you choose

You can use whatever fruit or vegetables you want to use. I mainly did fruit as my son doesn’t like pureed vegetables. You can either take the baby food jarred food, pour them into the trays and freeze them. Another option is to make your own puree to freeze. I tried both methods and they came out great. I did a batch of Earths Best Organic baby food pouches in one tray. Then I did a batch of homemade baby food with oranges, blueberries, and spinach. He seemed to like both options the same.  I kept the trays in for 24 hours to make sure they were fully frozen and firm. After that, I pop them out and give it to him to gnaw on. He was one happy camper. He just kept walking all over smiling and eating it.

The mess

After a while, it does start melting as expected especially with heat from his little hands. So I would suggest keeping them in a high chair to eat it. If you’re not worried about a mess just give it to them. As with anything else, there is always the risk of choking. I definitely recommend just letting them have it in a high chair as it is easier to keep an eye on them and not worry about them falling while sucking on it.  Please make sure to keep an eye on them while they eat it. Always use your best judgment when it comes to your little one.

Have you ever made a teething popsicle? Will you now that you know you can? Please come back and let me know how it turns out and what flavor combinations you tried. I would love to hear about your experience.


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