Lets kids be kids not electronic zombies

Kid being a kidIn today’s society, electronics play a big part of our children’s day to day lives. Obesity rates are rising and our children are spending less time outside. It is becoming
a norm to let electronics such as iPad, television, and etc babysit our children. Households are becoming divided no one speaking to each other. The internet knows more about our children then us as parents do. It is becoming a sad reality to modern day society.Kid being a kid

When I was growing up

When I was growing up it was the opposite. We played outside, ran around the block hanging out with friends playing hide and seek, jumping on trampolines and having water balloon fights. Those were some great memories to make and experiences to have. I loved those times in my childhood and want my children to have those same memories of their own. I want my child to be a child not a zombie controlled by today’s norm.  I am not saying don’t let them have anything to do with electronics just limit it. Let them have fun and be a kid. Taking my son to the park letting him run around and roll in the grass. That is the childhood I want him to have.

Everyone has their own way

Everyone has their own way to raise their child and no way is better than the next. I personally plan to raise my son more the old fashion way. He will be disciplined but also have the freedom he needs to become his own person. He will know respect as well as encouraged to speak his mind. I plan on teaching my son to ask questions and never be afraid to ask then. I want him to be a kid and enjoy all that has to offer.Kid being a kid

Letting my son be a kid and watching him have fun, is my main goal in life. Raising my son to enjoy life and have fun. I just want him to grow up and have great memories to share. I don’t want him growing up just remembering playing video games. Let our kids be kids and not electronic zombies.


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