Las Vegas – Caesars Palace and Bellagio

Las Vegas

Taking a trip with a baby to Las Vegas, Nevada may seem like a crazy idea. At least that is what I was told when I took Baby A to Las Vegas in July. Last year my husband surprised me with a trip to Las Vegas for our wedding anniversary. I had such a fun time once we got to Las Vegas. There is just so much stuff to do and we had so little time to do it all with having been put on standby at the airport.When we arrived in Las Vegas it was night time but even before we left the airport there were casinos and slot machines right in the middle of the walkway. The lights at night just remind me of a huge Christmas tree all lit up and twinkling. It truly is an amazing experience to witness.

Las VegasLas Vegas

Caesars Palace

Oh, my goodness I would stay in a different hotel each night if I could. There are just so many to choose from and all look so amazing. We stayed at the Caesar’s Palace as my husband remembered that I said I wanted to stay there one day. That was an amazing hotel to stay at. I didn’t play at the casino as I did have my son with me but we walked through it and got to look around.Las Vegas


The Caesars Palace is such a big place that not only does it have a casino, spas, bars, restaurant, shows; it also has a little aquarium and shops. I loved walking around the forum shops and seeing all the beautiful architecture. The sculptures were something you could imagine seeing in Greece. My husband especially liked the Pegasus. We even had to stop someone just to take a picture with it. I believe Baby A’s favorite part was looking at the enormous fish in the little aquarium. It truly is an amazing hotel to stay at.


Las Vegas

Las Vegas

The Room we stayed in

The room we stayed in was as big if not bigger than my apartment. It had an amazing bedroom and I just loved the huge soft bed. The living room had a sectional, window, and desk. We had Baby A sleep in the living room while we slept in the bedroom. This room was so big it even had a half bathroom along with the massive bathroom in the bedroom.Las Vegas

Las Vegas

I was in heaven in that suite. The tub was a wonderful soaker jet tub. Baby A enjoyed taking a bath with me in it. He thought the jets were just so funny. I remember his little giggles when I turned them on and that look of absolute wonder. The shower was so big I swear it could fit 6 people if not more in it. What I found the coolest part about our room was the TV in the mirror. At first, I had no idea what the black square on the mirror was until I found a TV remote in the drawer. This hotel was amazing to stay at.

Bellagio Hotel

Las Vegas

We didn’t have a chance to stay at the Bellagio but we did go there to see it. After finding out that it had a beautiful tunnel aquarium in it. We had to go visit. I am a sucker for all things gardens, aquariums, and zoos. This place was amazing. I have not seen anything like it before. The artwork in the form of beautiful aquatic sculptures was a vision to see. They also made for great photo props.

If you walk a little farther you will see an amazing chocolate fountain. It is literally the biggest I have ever seen before. I loved how it had tiers for the chocolate to flow down. It was contained in a glass enclosure so you could take photos with it. It really was cool to see.Las Vegas

Another thing to see while at the Bellagio Hotel and casino is the glass flowers on the ceiling. It is like a beautiful meadow but of glass flowers instead of real ones.Las Vegas

We had an amazing time in Las Vegas and will return to visit another time but for an extended period. I know we will try a different hotel for our next visit. There are so many to choose from so we will just have to wait and see which one we choose. Baby A may not join us next time but only time will tell if he does or not.Las VegasLas Vegas

Have you ever visited Las Vegas? If so what are some of the things you loved about it? Did you bring your children with you?

Las Vegas


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