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I received these product for free in exchange for writing my honest review. Although the product was free, all opinions are of my own.
Diaper Rashes

Red bottoms are not fun especially not for our little ones. When baby A gets a red bottom I feel terrible. Luckily it doesn’t happen often these days but he does get them occasionally. Being a parent is stressful, the best thing you can be is prepared. You always need to have diaper rash cream on hand for those just in case moments, that do happen.

I know some rather not admit their child got diaper rashes or yeast infections. It really is a very common occurrence among children. They can happen for a variety of reasons. When they do happen you want to be ready and have some diaper rash cream on hand to get rid of it. I know many mothers would still rather have an all-natural way to get rid of it. This is totally understandable.

It is all-natural

I have the diaper rash cream review for you Happy Bottom baby balm sold by Fairhaven Health. It is all natural and gluten-free. The ingredients it has are shea butter, cocoa butter, organic extra virgin coconut oil, organic extra virgin olive oil, beeswax, organic Calendula extract, organic st. john wort extract, organic plantain extract, organic comfrey root extract, organic colloidal oatmeal, organic tea tree essential oil, and organic grapefruit seed extract. It does seem like a lot of ingredients but as you can see they are all natural and a lot of these you can find in your own kitchen. I am just happy that I know what a lot of these are.

Tried and Proven

The day I received this, my son just happened to have a diaper rash. This literally just came at the perfect time. When I first saw it I thought it was cute. It is this little 4oz pink and white jar saying happy bottom. When you open it up it literally looks like chapstick with moisturizer beads in it. I was not expecting that at all. All the other diaper creams I have seen were white and thick. This one, however, was more of a yellow golden color.

My son only had a minor diaper rash luckily. I put some of this on him and rubbed it into the affected area. He didn’t scream or try to push my hands away.  I closed up the diaper and waited to see what happened. About the third diaper change, I noticed it was almost cleared up. That definitely made my son one happy baby and me one happy mom. I will definitely be keeping this in my arsenal for future rashes. What do you use for your little one when they have a diaper rash? Have you ever tried this product before? If so what was your experience with it?




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