Halloween Fun

Halloween FunHalloween

I am big on the holidays whether it’s Valentine’s Day, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas. I love them all. It is a time you get to spend with your family. A time to all get-together and celebrate. This year my son will be experiencing everything for the first time. Last year he was as a newborn so didn’t really get to join in on the festivities. This will be his very first Halloween. I am so excited about it as are my parents. He will be an adorable fierce tiger. My parents even bought him a little bucket so he can go door to door like the rest of the kids.

Halloween Fun

Date Night

My husband and I will be taking him down Main Street in his home town. After that activity, my son will be going with my parents’ door to door. I know many are probably wondering why my parents are taking him door to door instead of us. Well, it’s really simple we are going on our first date kid free since Valentine’s Day. My son will be having fun as will my parents. They are so excited to be able to take him out for the first time. My dad has to be the most excited out of everyone he really loves his grandson. Top it off I told them they can have all the candy they get. I really don’t need it and my son sure doesn’t need it. He is allowed to have two small pieces of it, though.

Halloween Fun

While they are having that fun we will be out eating some dinner. I am so excited. We really haven’t been out together just the two of us in so long. Why we choose Halloween is that my son will be distracted. He does suffer separation anxiety but is becoming more independent and willing to leave my side for a few hours. I love Halloween and next year will be taking our son out door to door all dressed up. How does your family celebrate October 31st?


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