Our three year wedding anniversary trip – Fort Worth Zoo

Fort Worth ZooFort Worth Zoo

For our three-year wedding anniversary, my husband took us to Fort Worth and Grapevine Texas. My husband knows how much I enjoy going to zoos, gardens, and aquariums so he took us to the Fort Worth Zoo. We had a ton of fun especially in the parakeet area. I will say if you go to this zoo be prepared to wear comfortable shoes. My feet were killing me by the time we were done. It is also easy to miss something as the paths go in random directions.

Fort Worth ZooFeeding the parakeets

My favorite part of the zoo was feeding the parakeets. It was tons of fun. We paid a $1 for a stick with bird feed on it then enter the enclosure. You can walk around and the parakeets fly over to you to eat. Rama was so excited to be able to feed them. It was such a joy to watch my little man. He really has grown up so fast.

We each had a bird on our stick until another child ran up and scattered them all sadly. Rama looked so bummed about it. It did take us a few minutes for those birds to come to us. Eventually we were able to get some more birds and one landed on my husbands stick. Rama tried getting it onto his stick but kept holding it the wrong way. My husband just handed him the stick with the bird on it after that. The look of pure joy on our son’s face was the best thing ever. He is such an animal lover like his mommy. It was so cute watching him. He even bent and kissed the bird which of course made it fly off but his reaction afterwards was just precious.Fort Worth Zoo

All different types of animals

There were all different types of animals to see such as tigers, bears, lions, wolfs, and a variety of birds. They even had a baby gorilla. It was so cute watching it run around and play. I hadn’t seen a baby gorilla in person before and it was this zoo very first one. There were several baby animals there actually. Usually when we go to the zoo there are only adults and no babies. This time there was the baby gorilla, giraffe, bear, elephant, and flamingos.Fort Worth Zoo

We also had a blast on this swinging bridge. It was hilarious watching my husband push our son in the stroller while running across the bridge. I think they may have been having a little too much fun if that is even possible. Rama was laughing so hard and my husband had the biggest grin on is face. We went to another area and it had a tunnel where you can crawl through and look. I let the boys go as I didn’t want to leave the stroller unattended and got to see them on the camera that shows inside the tunnel. Rama was just laughing away.


There was a train there we just didn’t ride it as you had to pay to ride it. There was also a ginormous gator in a tank. I know I would have been scared if he had got out yikes. We walked through the museum of living art reptiles, amphibians and more. I loved the fact it had ac as it was hot outside. The aquarium was pretty and it was so strange to see the gators, turtles, and fish all swimming together. They usually have the gators separate from them but not at this zoo. They had some big snakes and roaches as well.

Fort Worth Zoo

I really enjoyed our time at the zoo and can experience it with my guys. I know we all had fun and created memories as a family. Have you ever been to the Fort Worth zoo? If so what was your favorite part about it?Fort Worth Zoo


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