Flying with a toddler versus an infant

FlyingFlying with a toddler vs. Infant

Flying with a toddler is different then flying with an infant. Baby A took his first flight at 4 months old. It was a stressful experience as I was alone and had so much stuff with only two hands. I had to juggle a diaper bag, duffel bag, Baby A, stroller he refused to sit in, and my backpack. That was some seriously juggling and I was blessed to have some strangers help me with everything. That I will be forever grateful for. Baby A is now 17 months old and my husband is flying with us. This time it seems to be going a lot smoother except now I have a toddler to entertain.


Going through security with a toddler is different than going through with an infant. Baby A can now stand beside me while I take my shoes and accessories off and load the conveyor belt. He sat there patiently waiting and kept trying to get back into his stroller which was amusing to watch. After we loaded the conveyor belt we walked through I set him down to put my stuff back on.Flying

When he was, an infant I had to figure out how to do all that while holding him. I even almost put him in one of the buckets just so I could do everything and try to manage. No I ended up not doing that at the moment I wasn’t thinking about how filthy those things are. I was just so stressed trying to figure out how to get everything through. The lovely lady behind me helped me with that and held him for me. Thank you, stranger, you saved my baby from countless germs, yuck.

At the gate waiting

Okay waiting for my flight was so much easier when he was a baby. I could set him in the stroller with a teething toy and he would be content. Just kick his little chubby feet and wait. He was easily entertained just watching all the airport commotion. I really wish it was that easy now.

Waiting for the airplane is such a task. He wants to run around everywhere and get into stuff. I brought his backpack full of toys and he was just like nope I haven’t explored here before. We spent the hour chasing after him trying to get him to sit down and not run off. I guess in a way it was for the best. At least then he would burn enough energy to hopefully stay calm on the plane. Baby A can be a handful at times. Especially when he doesn’t want to be held.



I will say there wasn’t much difference once we were on the plane. When he was an infant he just sat there and wanted to nurse. We always seemed to fly at his nap or bedtime so it works out. Now that he is a toddler. It was a lot more challenging waiting for take off. He did not want to sit still at all. He kept trying to mess with the people around us and kept messing with the window. Once we started getting in line for take off he decided he wanted to nurse and passed out. So, at the end he did the same thing as he did when he was a baby.Flying

Perks and Cons

Whether toddler or infant they both had their perks and they both had some trying moments. We got through them all and had a fun adventure. I can’t wait to take him on many more. Soon enough we will have to purchase him his own seat. That will be a whole different kind of adventure. It will be interesting to see how it all works out.

How was your experience flying with a toddler versus an infant? When was the last time you flew with them? Would you ever do it again?



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