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Arts and crafts

I love doing arts and crafts with my husband and son. We just have such a wonderful time. This week we decided to do some finger painting. It is something I knew my son would love doing and my husband would love helping him. I had done finger painting with him since he could sit up on his own. It is just something I try to encourage as it is a way he can express himself as he gets older. Plus, it is very fun to do and makes great gifts for family.

I made finger paint for my son to use. He is always putting his fingers in his mouth even if it tastes nasty and is inedible. You cannot really trust store-bought finger paint. As you never know what is in them even if they do say nontoxic. It is surely not edible.

Edible finger paint

Honestly, it is also cheaper to just make it at home. We have the products right in our pantry already. All it took was equal parts flour and water. So, for each cup of flour you would add one cup of water. Then mix them together until it is smooth and separate the mixture into smaller containers. I used my sons old baby food jars. After you have separated the mixture into the jars, just add food coloring. It only takes a couple drops per jar. It was fun to mix different colors to make other colors. You could turn it into an education lesson showing which colors mixed together make what color. Above all else let them have fun.

My son got it all over himself and of course in his mouth, which is what I expected. I would suggest having them wear clothes that can get messed up.  It did take some scrubbing to get it off of his shoes and it can possibly stain their clothes. I just poured some on his canvases and let him smear it everywhere. He really did have fun. The consistency is thick so not something you can paint on paper with as it will leak through.

Join in on the fun

Join in on the fun and paint with them. They will love it and so will you. I know my husband was painting with my son. They were having such a great time together. This is something you can do as a family or let the kids do it by themselves. Just remember no matter what kids tend to make a mess. If you’re worried about that just have them paint outside. We did ours at the park. It was a blast.

Have you tried making your own finger paint? If so how did you make yours? What is your favorite arts and crafts with your little one?

Arts and Crafts


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