Family Day Adventures — Family Day at the Park

Family day at the park

Family day at the Park

Getting to spend time as a family is very important to my husband and I. We strive to make sure we can at least once a week. Family day for us is usually on a Wednesday since my husband is off. This week we decided to go to the park and let our son get some fresh air. Our son had such a blast running around playing, having daddy chase after him.

We enjoyed a nice little picnic but of course as most kids do our son preferred to just play. I absolutely love seeing him running around being a kid especially now that he can walk. Even though he does look drunk when he gets excited due to his bowed legs. It really is nice spending time together.

Take time out of our busy schedules

Even being a stay at home, I have a hectic schedule as I am getting my blog up and running. Trying to have our schedules lined up can prove to be difficult. I try to have all my to do list done before Wednesday morning so I can just focus on spending time with my guys. Going to the park was a needed break and wore our son out.Family day at the park

When we got home he was so exhausted and red-faced. We still needed to give him a bath. After all, parks are not the cleanest of the environment. I let my husband handle bath time tonight. Having an exhausted baby who would rather play with his toys than get washed, proved to be a battle of the fittest. My husband won but it was a very close call.

My Turn

I then got passed a hollering, wiggly, 10-month-old to nurse and put to bed. Family day sure is fun but it is also exhausting for all involved. After our son goes to bed we get to spend some couples time together. It is nice after spending time running around playing together to just sit back relax and watch a movie together.

How do you spend your family day? Do you make time for your spouse once the kids go to bed? What is your favorite thing to do as a family?

Family Day at the park


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