Family Day Adventures 2

Family Day Adventures 2

I love family day. It is my favorite day of the week. There is just nothing like spending the day with my guys. Whether it is staying home doing drawings, going outside to run around and play, going to the park, or traveling to go see an attraction like the Houston Downtown Aquarium. This week for family day adventures we went to the Houston Downtown Aquarium. It was such a blast. I love going to aquariums, zoos, and botanical gardens. When we travel, I make it my mission to visit one of those places or all three if they are available.

Family Day Adventures 2

Houston Downtown Aquarium

Family Day Adventures 2

We had such an amazing time at the aquarium. I just loved seeing Baby A’s face light up looking at all the fish and creatures. It was so cute watching him stand in front of the info-graphics like he could read them. It was a pleasure to see my husband have a smile on his face the whole time. Nothing makes a wife and mother happier than seeing her spouse and child having so much love for one another.

We spent the day walking around the Aquarium looking at fish and animal’s such as the white tiger. We had a great time riding on the train through the shark tunnel and getting to touch sting rays in the sting ray reef. We even rode the carousel which I have not done in a long time and this was Baby A’s first time. Although he was out of it still having just woken up from a nap. The Ferris wheel seemed to be putting him to sleep after all the fun we had.Family Day Adventures 2

Steak and Shake

After having a blast at the aquarium, we had worked up an appetite.  One of our favorite places to eat when we are near one is steak and shake. We probably go there at least twice a month if not more. I am quite fond of their royale burger and their garlic burger. Baby A loves the sliders, they are the perfect size for his little hands and mouth. My husband tries different things each time we go but always gets a garlic burger to take home with us. So I would say the garlic burger happens to be all of our favorites.

One for the memory book

Overall it was a very fun day one for the memory book. I am just so happy to be able to experience new things with Baby A and my dear husband. We have such great times together and try to create as many memories as possible. Baby A is growing up so fast and soon enough he won’t be my little baby anymore but a full-grown man carving out his own path. Children truly grow so fast.

Family Day Adventures 2

I hope you are cherishing every moment you get with them. Having fun, creating memories, and above all else spending time as a family. What did you do this week for your family day adventures? Do you have plans for next week? Is there any adventure you would suggest for my family to take?

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