Family day adventures 1

Family Day Adventures 1

Family Day

Family time is so very important whether it is spending time with your spouse and children or with your parents. I pride myself on being very family oriented. I never miss a family event even when I was having contractions in labor. We made it to the family event. Each week we set aside a day or two just to focus on family. We run errands go to the park or some other adventure. I want my son to grow up understanding the importance of spending time with your family. No matter how busy life gets always make time for your loved ones.

Family Day Adventures 1

This week

This week for family time we had an interesting time. Baby A got to spend some time with his Pawpaw and Gamma and some with his Nana and grandma. He absolutely loves his Pawpaw. He can even say Pawpaw now but it won’t be long till he starts saying Gamma. My mother (Gamma) watched him while my husband and I went grocery shopping with his Nana (my husband’s grandma).

Family Day Adventures 1

This was the first time my husband and I both went grocery shopping without baby A. He usually either goes with me, we all go together, or he stays home with daddy. So it definitely was a strange experience. Earlier that day we went and walked around the neighborhood with Baby A riding in his car. He was so sleepy it was adorable how chilled he was because of it. I for some crazy reason decided to do lunges, squats, and high knees all while walking. Ouch!!

The next day we spent our family day alone. There is nothing like hanging out at home just relaxing. Baby A loves just running around and playing hide and seek throughout the house. I have fun lying on the ground behind couches and scaring him. He just reacts so hilariously. He will just go ahh and squat down laughing. He also will run from you laughing after he has stolen some item of yours. I love my family days with my guys. We just have fun taking a break from the world and enjoying each other’s company.Family Day Adventures 1

Time at the playground

We took Baby A to the playground so he can swing and get fresh air. After all, what better way to get some vitamin D then playing in the sun. Unfortunately, we went right before his nap time so he was not feeling it after getting out of the swing. He went straight to sleep right when we got home. Family time is the best time and we love making memories. What did you do this week for family time? Do you carve out a set time during the week for uninterrupted time together? I would love to hear your story.

Family Day Adventures 1



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