A place where a kid can be a kid – Chuck E. Cheese

Chuck E. CheeseMy sons new favorite place –  Chuck E. Cheese

Are you looking for a fun place to take your toddler? A place where a kid can be a kid and still have safety measures? If so this post is for you. Let’s talk about my son’s favorite place to go Chuck E. Cheese. If my child could live at Chuck E. Cheese, he would. It is to the point I might as well invest in their stocks as we go every week now. It reminds me of his favorite cartoon Blaze and the monster machines but that’s another story I am sure you can relate to.

Chuck E CheeseNow here we are headed to Chuck E. Cheese for the umpteenth time as we promised we would take him. There is just something about the place that my son just loves. It could be all the music from the games, or hearing the coins drop and tickets come out like you are in a casino. I especially love hearing the jackpot siren go off on the occasions we hit it. Or it could be the factor there are a bunch of tiny little people his size running around like him that he loves. I know he loves getting on all the little rides like he is riding a little roller coaster or driving a real car only going 1 mph. Only time will tell when he can tell us his favorite part about going there.

When my husband took him for the first time I was in class so couldn’t go. We were worried there wouldn’t be anything for him to do since he is so young, and we hadn’t been to Chuck E Cheese since we were children ourselves. We were thrilled to find out there was plenty of things for him to do.

Chuck E Cheese

He loves taking his pre-paid card and swiping all the games, and getting tons of tickets. I can’t say I don’t have fun swiping his card too and playing some of the games, myself. It makes me want to go to a carnival really.

We have even started taking him to different stores in different areas to play different games. We have been to South Austin, College Station, Fayetteville, North Carolina, and today Katy, Texas. They do have some of the same games which is great, but they also have different games so he has fun playing them all. They even have one little ride that takes pictures of them.

Chuck E. Cheese

Our favorite location – Katy, Texas

Our favorite location to take him to is Katy location, currently. I will say if the Fayetteville location wasn’t 20 hours away from us it would be in my top two to visit. The Katy location by far is the biggest one we have been to and has so much for him to do. This was our first time going to this Chuck E. Cheese and we will gladly make the drive to take him again. There were so many ride-on games for the little ones all in one area. I didn’t have to worry about trying to locate all the toddler friendly activities.

There was also plenty of seating room and I liked how clean it looked. The employees were very friendly as well which is always a nice bonus when visiting a children’s place. We did not have a chance to try out the food as we already had plans to eat elsewhere but it did look appetizing.

Safety Measures

When visiting a children’s place one of the things we worry about is safety. What kind of safety measures do they have in place that no one can just walk out with my son? Well at Chuck E. Cheese when you walk through the entrance the first thing they do is stamp a number on both your hand and your child’s hand with a black light number.


Chuck E Cheese

When you leave you must stop at the gate and show them your hand and your child’s hand or you cannot leave as they have to be matching numbers. Make sure you and your significant other walk in at the same time so y’all will both have numbers matching your child. If you come in at separate times only the one who came in with the little one will be able to leave with them.

I also like that even the slow toddler rides have little seat belts like you see in a shopping cart. That way they have to remain seated until the ride is over. It is always nice having a peace of mind regarding our child safety.

Have you taken your child to Chuck E Cheese? What is your favorite location to visit? What did you like about it?Chuck E. Cheese


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