Ova Cue Mobile Fertility Monitor

Fertility Monitor

After having a baby and taking birth control and breastfeeding it can cause your period to become irregular and nonexistent. When trying to get pregnant the first thing we all look for is our menstrual cycle so we can track our ovulation. There are several options to track ovulation. There are strips you have to urinate on and constantly repurchase and then there is the ova cue mobile fertility monitor.

The OvaCue mobile fertility monitor

The OvaCue mobile fertility monitor predicts your fertile window and charts it on your cell phone. It comes with an oral sensor, vaginal sensor, and a mobile adapter.  I prefer the oral sensor as it is a lot quicker to just take your reading in the morning with it. It only takes five seconds to take a reading and then you’re done with it until the next day.  I also love the fact that it tracks everything conveniently in one place. All you have to do is download the ova graph app from the app store, make an account, then happy tracking.

You can literally track everything from intercourse, menstruation, ovulation, basal temp, cervical position, symptoms, etc. It really is convenient to have all in one place. That way you don’t have to keep track in a notebook in addition to urinating and buying ovulation sticks.

How it work’s

The ova cue mobile fertility monitor uses a patented Electrolyte method to predict your fertility window. Once you use the oral sensor by putting it on your tongue it will measure the electrolytes in your saliva. You would start using the oral sensor at the beginning of your cycle then once your period has ended you can start using the vaginal sensor to measure the electrolytes in your cervical mucous. It is 98% accurate and can predict ovulation up to 7 days in advance.

I love that it shows your fertile window, when you are ovulating, and show the ups and downs in your readings. It will display the oral(blue) and vaginal(purple) readings in distinct colors. It also lets you customize your graph. You can have which symptoms you want and what you want to track. Per se if you don’t want to track your intercourse you don’t include that in your chart or if you are not tracking your basal temp you don’t have to show that on your graph.

Customer Support and Forums

If you are looking for a fertility monitor to track your readings this is the fertility monitor for you. It even comes with this cute little purple bag to hold your oral sensor. I do wish they had a second bag to keep your vaginal sensor as you don’t want them to touch for obvious reasons. It also has a great customer support staff. If you have any questions they will walk you through steps to get the solution you need. I would recommend contacting them for any issues you may have.

There are also forums you can look through and asks questions. It does take some time to get the hang of it especially if you are new to the fertility world. I hope this product helps you as it is helping me. Whether you are trying to get pregnant or are monitoring your ovulation to prevent a pregnancy this is the product for you.

How are you tracking your ovulation?


Being able to hear your baby’s heartbeat at home

Heart Beat

Heart Beat

Baby’s heartbeat

When you are pregnant the greatest thing to hear is your baby’s heartbeat. You literally wait for each appointment just to hear it. I remember the first time I heard my sons heart. I was eight weeks pregnant and it was the most amazing sound I heard. My husband and I could not wait to have another appointment just to hear my baby. We always wanted to be able to hear my baby whenever I wanted to.

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Ten Reasons I Am Rocking Motherhood Challenge

#RockingMotherhood Challenge

#RockingMotherhood Challenge

Ten reasons I am rocking motherhood challenge accepted

I was challenged to write ten reasons I am rocking motherhood. When I first agreed to it I thought well that would be easy enough. There are plenty of reasons I am rocking motherhood. Then I started writing and realized it truly is hard to write about your self. Being a mother you are always giving and never really think about yourself and how great of a mother you are. This challenge is truly an amazing way to make mothers realize just how much they are rocking motherhood.

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Mom.Life, A Community for moms all over


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Milkies Freeze

Milkies Freeze

Milkies Freeze

 Milkies Freeze sold by Fairhaven Health

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