Family time

Family Day Adventures 2

Family Day Adventures 2

I love family day. It is my favorite day of the week. There is just nothing like spending the day with my guys. Whether it is staying home doing drawings, going outside to run around and play, going to the park, or traveling to go see an attraction like the Houston Downtown Aquarium. This week for family day adventures we went to the Houston Downtown Aquarium. It was such a blast. I love going to aquariums, zoos, and botanical gardens. When we travel, I make it my mission to visit one of those places or all three if they are available.

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Family day adventures 1

Family Day Adventures 1

Family Day Adventures 1

Family Day

Family time is so very important whether it is spending time with your spouse and children or with your parents. I pride myself on being very family oriented. I never miss a family event even when I was having contractions in labor. We made it to the family event. Each week we set aside a day or two just to focus on family. We run errands go to the park or some other adventure. I want my son to grow up understanding the importance of spending time with your family. No matter how busy life gets always make time for your loved ones.

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Making memories at the Park, Today!!

Park adventures

Tdsc_0626aking my son to the park today was a blast. He had so much fun, even made a little friend. His head was turning this way and that way. We were walking all over the place trying to explore. He even went down the slide like a big boy. Of course with me holding on to him after all, he still my baby boy. The time we spent the longest on would be the swing. I was so proud of him. He starting swinging on his own leaning forward and backwards to keep going. Such a smardsc_0672t little man I have. Taking the time out of my day to just go spend time at the park that was the greatest part.

No matter how busy you get or how much you have going on in your life. Make time to spend with your little ones. Don’t miss out on their childhood by being too busy to enjoy it. They grow up so fast. Treasure every second of it. You will never get that second back. Whether having a picnic at the park or playing a board game idsc_0677nside. Go out for a walk around the neighborhood or to your local ice cream parlor for a cone. You won’t regret it. Seeing the smile on your childs’ face after spending time with them. That is one of the greatest joys of being a parent.

Labor Day weekend family time


Spending time with family is very important to my husband and I. We want our son to grow up having memories of us together. No matter what we are doing or how busy and hectic our schedules are. We schedule in time to spend  as a family. This weekend just happened to be Labor Day weekend. What better way to spend our family time than to cook out. Chicken, steak, and baked potatoes. Yummy.

We started off our day with an awesome breakfast, bit cold for me. After all, mydsc_0466 son decided he wanted my breakfast after he ate is. I love spending time with just my guys. We are making memories for our child to grow up with. Watching him crawl and walk around laughing and having fun is the best. Our son is getting really good at walking even followed his daddy around the couch.

Family time interrupted

Sometimes though family time gets interrupted. Our plans get messed up and changed. That’s just the unfortunate part of life. No matter how hard you try to plan things life gets in the way. Our time got messed up today, unfortunately, but we still made the best of it and cooked out. Our son had a blast that was the most idsc_0494mportant thing. He made some memories today. He is young and may not remember them later on. It is a start though and he will remember at this time. Just because your little tike can’t remember now,doesn’t mean you can’t start making memories. Start the tradition now and as they grow older,you will keep it. Even if they can’t remember at least you can. These are memories us as parents will cherish as our babies grow older. Enjoy making those memories and celebrating those holidays.

Blissful memories

Blissful Memories

Breakfast Routine

Cold eggs have to be one of the least appetizing foods you can eat. The thing is when you become a mom you get used to it. There are always things to be done when it comes to your baby, especially at meal time. First, you have to feed them and clean them up afterwards. If you think that is simple enough then you must have never fed them spaghetti. Just picture sauce everywhere, with my son that includes his hair.  I make it a thing to usually strip him down to a diaper before meals. At least that way it makes it easier to just give him a bath afterwards.

Baby fed, bath done,  and high chair cleaned up. Yay!! So you go heat up your now ice-cold food. You sit down to start eating and here comes your little tike running up again. Grabbing at your legs trying to get up wanting to eat what you are eating, like they just didn’t have a full course meal themselves. Here we are again with cold food feeding your already fed little one your food.

Blissful Memories

Making memories

Then you starting thinking about it, one day they will grow up. When that happens you will get all the hot plates of food you wished for. Being a mom we have a lot of responsibilities. We don’t get the option of breaks. When
we do get them all we think about is our kids and what needs to be done. Eating a cold plate of food should be the least of our worries. Making memories is all that matters.

Blissful Memories

We may be wishing for a hot plate of food right now. Next thing you know our little tikes are all grown up and we will get it. While we sit there enjoying that hot plate. We will be missing the cold meals. Cherish this time with them, cold food and all. They grow up so fast, you won’t regret making those memories with them. Even if it is a memory of them sitting on our laps eating our food.


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