Breastfeeding on an airplane with some sense of privacy

Breastfeeding in public

Breastfeeding in public is just one of those topics that will always cause a debate. I use a cover even then, some have a problem with it. Whether you approve or don’t it’s really not up to you. It is a mother’s choice to feed her child how she chooses and where. Sometimes you just have no other option than just to whip it out and feed your child. Especially being in an over crowded airport with nasty restrooms that I wouldn’t dare nurse my child in.

Keeping it private

For those that still try to keep it private but plan on flying with your baby. There is a way to have some sense of privacy on an airplane. Yes you will need a blanket or to cover-up. I also suggest to try a get a window seat. Depending on the airline, you can either choose a seat at time of buy or check in 24 hours in advance and pick from available seats then. I try to do it at time of buy to guarantee a window seat. Added bonus to having a window seat is you have something to lean against while you snooze during the flight. That’s if your lucky enough to get your little one to sleep.

For me I have a blanket either way as the plane gets cold. I can also turn towards the window and nurse my son if he causing to many problems about having the blanket on him. He really hates being covered up. He wants to look around and be nosy. Being by the window and having a blanket makes me feel like I have some sense of privacy, even if I really don’t.

Nursing at take off and landing

     I also highly suggest nursing when taking off until you reach altitude, and on the way down. Our ears pop, so does our child’s. I noticed when my son started grabbing his ears and crying was a definite sign it was effecting his ears as well. Once I started nursing him he stopped pulling at his ears and was out! It’s also a good way to put them to sleep. My son slept the 2.5 hour flight. Which was a good thing for me being at the airport 8 hours with a baby. It will exhaust even the most well rested person. Just remember a blanket and a window seat are he best way to have some privacy if that is what you choose to do on an airplane.

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