Breastfeeding at the airport and on the airplane

Breastfeeding at the airport and on the airplaneBreastfeeding at the airport

Breastfeeding at the airport is just something a lot of people don’t think about. There is a lot of other things we are already having to think about. When I first flew with my son I pumped a bottle to take with me. I figure that would be the easiest way to handle it. I was comfortable breastfeeding in public and didn’t want to go to the bathrooms. I wasn’t near any of the breastfeeding locations.

When I first got to the airport I would breastfeed in the bathroom. Let me start off by saying those things are disgusting. The only place to sit is on a nasty, I have no idea when they were last cleaned toilet. Then hearing other people use the restroom when trying to feed your baby is just not something you want to hear. After the first two times, I just went to a close by empty terminal pulled out a cover and breastfed my son there.

On the airplane

It was already stressful trying to maneuver on to the plane especially with carryon luggage. I reserved a window seat so at least I had that going for me. Since I had brought a bottle I figured I wouldn’t have to worry about breastfeeding on an airplane.

Boy, was I wrong! I spilt an 8oz bottle of my liquid gold. I was about ready to cry. My son was fussing he wanted his milk and I just spilt the milk that took me an hour to pump. Add the fact I had to spend additional time going through security. Fortunately, I had brought a cover so could use it to breastfeed my son.


After that experience, I knew what I needed to do once we flew with my son again. I brought my nursing coverup which made it easier. I flew again once my son was a toddler. This time I brought my hoodie. I am so happy I did. It was so much easier to nurse with my hoodie than with my nursing cover up.

As most breastfeeding mothers know our children hate being covered up. I mean who can blame them though it gets hot under the cover ups and dark. Having a hoodie made it easier as I could stick my arm through one side with my hoodie backwards then leave it open since I was beside a window. I then had the air blowing down on him so he didn’t get hot.

Take off

Breastfeeding during takeoff is the best time to do so. If you are lucky they will be asleep by the time you get into the air. If they are not asleep by then at least it helps their ears. When taking off and reaching altitude it causes our ears to pop just as it does our child. So, having them nurse it really helps with their ears. Have you ever breastfed at an airport and on a plane? If so how did you go about it.


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