Blissful memories

Blissful Memories

Breakfast Routine

Cold eggs have to be one of the least appetizing foods you can eat. The thing is when you become a mom you get used to it. There are always things to be done when it comes to your baby, especially at meal time. First, you have to feed them and clean them up afterwards. If you think that is simple enough then you must have never fed them spaghetti. Just picture sauce everywhere, with my son that includes his hair. I make it a thing to usually strip him down to a diaper before meals. At least that way it makes it easier to just give him a bath afterwards.

Baby fed, bath done, and high chair cleaned up. Yay!! So, you go heat up your now ice-cold food. You sit down to start eating and here comes your little one running up again. Grabbing at your legs trying to get up wanting to eat what you are eating, like they just didn’t have a full course meal themselves. Here we are again with cold food feeding your already fed little one your food.

Making memories

Then you start thinking about it, one day they will grow up. When that happens, you will get all the hot plates of food you wished for. Being a mom we have a lot of responsibilities. We don’t get the option of breaks. When we do get them all we think about is our kids and what needs to be done. Eating a cold plate of food should be the least of our worries. Making memories is all that matters.

We may be wishing for a hot plate of food right now. Next thing you know our little one are all grown up and we will get it. While we sit there enjoying that hot plate. We will be missing the cold meals. Cherish this time with them, cold food and all. They grow up so fast, you won’t regret making those memories with them. Even if it is a memory of them sitting on our laps eating our food.


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