Tips and Tricks on how to deal with bath time dramtics

Bath Time Dramatics

Bath Time Dramatics-First Bath

When my son got his first bath let me tell you the drama was real. He was screaming and kicking. I felt bad for my husband having to hold our little 7lb 5oz wiggly infant being first-time parents yikes. I was just watching snapping pictures trying to document every moment. As I knew he wouldn’t be that tiny for long. This being our first child I was not expecting screaming. I always saw other kids babbling, smiling, or at least just lying there. The funny thing about it was it was just a sponge bath.Bath time dramatics

You can understand why we weren’t too thrilled to try and give him a full bath once his umbilical cord fell off. I actually made my husband do it which turned into a team effort as I was so nervous watching as he was bathing him. Every bath since was a screaming nightmare. I did not want to give him a bath as it just broke my heart hearing my tiny baby scream. Little did we know at the time it was because of the cold. He absolutely 100% hated the cold. Cold wipes, baths, toys, and etc. he would scream if it touched him. Thank heavens for whoever invented the wipe warmer.

Bath time dramatics

Warm water

We decided to leave the warm water running one time and oh my goodness silence. Not one sound out of our son. He even would fall asleep while we bathed him. Our only other problem was when getting out of the bath since cold air would hit him. That was also an easy enough fix. We would just turn the heat on before he got in the bath. We may have been sweating like crazy but at least our prince was warm when he got out of the bath.

After all  that bath time was a piece of cake. I know what to do for my next one that’s for sure. I also will be investing in a towel warmer for the next one. Just so I can warm their towels and clothes for when they get out. At least that was the end to our bath time dramatics. How did your little one react to their first bath?

Bath Time Dramatics


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