Baby sick for first-time

Baby sick first-time

Baby sick

When Baby A got sick for the very first time I was so worried. I knew he would be okay but I didn’t know what to do to make him feel better. He was only a month old so there really wasn’t much I could do to improve the situation. I just had to let Mother Nature run its course.

Fortunately, he just was congested so it did not take long for him to get better. It did take a lot of nose suctioning and baby Vicks on his feet with socks on. I remember feeling so bad that he was sick. I called and made an appointment with his pediatrician. I called my mom and aunt to see if they had any advice as to what to do. I hadn’t known it was just congestion at the time. I just knew he was miserable and sounded horrible. Looking back now it was funny all the running around my husband and I did try to figure out what was wrong and make him feel better. You could definitely tell we were first-time parents.Baby sick

You are not alone

It was really hard though not knowing what to do or expect. You can read every doctor’s book ever made and scour the internet trying to figure out all possible things that could happen. Until you experience it first-hand though you really don’t know how you’re going to react. I thought I would be calm like oh this is normal. I never expected to feel so stressed and terrified that something major was wrong with my baby. I didn’t expect to run to the store looking at every possible baby item to see if anything would work for him.

Baby sick

Being a parent is stressful and scary. It doesn’t come with an exact handbook. You never know when your little one will get sick or how bad. I could wash my hands five million times a day and that still wouldn’t have prevented him from getting sick. Sometimes our little ones getting sick is for the best. I know, how is our little one getting sick actually good for them? It is because it helps them build up their immune system. I know I hate seeing my son sick as any parent would. Just know you are not alone in parenthood. It happens to the best of us and we all react differently.

Do you remember the first time your little one got sick? How did you react? What were they sick with?


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