Baby Proofing

Once your baby starts moving around more it is definitely time to baby proof. They get into absolutely everything they are not supposed to. My son has literally broke my husbands Xbox 360, four phone chargers, and a lamp light bulb. He is always on the go. Ever since he started scooting around. Then started pulling  himself up on to stuff, and now he is walking.

DSC_0303 Nothing is safe from him, especially cords. I have no idea why but when he sees a cord he just feels the need to put it in his mouth, along with everything else. Jeeze. We even have them tucked away behind things and he still manages to get to them. Top it off his balance needs some work. He is constantly falling. He has already given himself 2 to 3 black eyes and he is only 9 months old. For some reason, he always lands face first. Just another childhood wonder us parents will never figure out.

Baby Proofing

My husband and I have babyproofed as much as we possibly can without putting him in a bubble. We hDSC_0316ave put outlet covers on every outlet in our apartment. It becomes a tedious job when you have 14 plus outlets. I also definitely wouldn’t recommend having glass tables or tv stand. My son just loves hitting his head on them. Like how does that not hurt, boys will be boys. Just as moms will be moms and fix the problem. We had to get creative with that one, what better way than using pool noodles. They’re soft and bendable, on the plus side, they are cheap. A bit of duct tape and we have baby proofed glass tables and tv stand.

Then, of course, we have phone jacks in every room. Who even uses those anymore, it is the cell phone age definitely no need to be in every room.  We just ended up sticking the plastic part of the phone cord in them to keep those little fingers of his out of them. After all that was done we still had the cabinets to baby proof.

LDSC_0313uckily we have this kit that came with everything we need. After all, there is only so many times you can pick up your pots and pans before you say the heck with it. Slap some covers over your door knobs and bam your baby proofed. At least till they figure a way around it. Babies sure are smart little beings and are quick to figure their way around stuff

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