Baby falling off the bed, Oh my!!

Baby falling off the bed, Oh my!The very first time

BOOM! OH NO! The baby fell off the bed. Is he hurt? Maybe we should take him to the hospital, to get him` checked out? Does he have any bumps or bruises? I can’t believe our baby fell off the bed! We are horrible parents! How did we let this happen? Now he is crying and so am I, he must hate me now.

STOP! Breathe, it will be okay. This is something that happens to a lot of parents. Whether it’s a couch or chair, a bed or your lap. These things happen more than most parents are willing to admit. The first time my son did I totally freaked out. I felt so bad like I was the worst parent ever. He was crying. I was running my hands all over him checking for bumps. Made him stay awake for an hour just to make sure he didn’t have a concussion. I stayed awake all night that night, constantly checking on him. Making sure he was breathing and waking up. Worried he was going to have a bad dream, all because he fell off the bed.

Baby fell off the bed oh myNew parent’s

This is something a lot of new parent’s face. The self-doubt, the guilt. Not wanting to tell anyone for the fear of being judged. This is just something a lot of parents don’t want to admit happens, but it does.

Some babies do get hurt some don’t. It really all depends on how they fall. Babies are sturdy little beings and not as fragile as most people think. After all they should survive us parents. Parenting is trial and error; mainly errors after all it doesn’t come with a handbook. Leaving my son on the bed wasn’t the smartest thing to do a definite error. One I learned from by experience.

Baby fell off the bed oh myYou’re not alone

The first time it happened he had rolled without me knowing. I felt dreadful about it, just absolutely petrified. Then I mentioned what happened to a friend. When they told, me it has happened to them as well. What a weight off my shoulder.

Being a first-time parent is nerve-racking as is. Then having to worry about how others will react, terrifying. Just don’t worry about it, as hard as it may seem not to do. That parent that is judging you for something that happened by accident, you never know, it probably happened to them to. They just don’t want to admit it and feel like a bad parent.Baby fell off the bed, Oh my!


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