Attempting to clean with a baby

Trying to clean with a baby feels like it is impossible. How are you to clean when your child keeps getting into absolutely everything. They just do not sit still. Especially once they start scooting, crawling, and/or walking. If I take my eyes off my son even for a second he will already be getting into stuff. No matter how much I try keeping my apartment baby proofed. My son always manages to make it seem pointless.

I seem to have found a trick with my son though. Where I am able to clean up and not have him get into anything. I am not talking about a full apartment cleaning but at lease be able to wash the dishes, start dinner, or throw some clothes in the wash. My son loves putting everything in his mouth. He does not care what it is or if its unsafe for him to have. He will stick it in his mouth in two seconds flat.

The Trick

The trick I have found that works most of the time is sticking him in his high chair. I do not know why but when I put him in his high chair whether with baby snacks or with toys. He will sit there happily and just eat or play. He is in my eye-site at all times and I am close by when he is eating snacks. I am not talking about putting your child in there for hours at a time. So PLEASE do not do that its only for a quick fix. Just as you still need to watch your child. It is not meant to leave them unsupervised. Just as it will not work with all children.

My son loves being in his high chair it means he is up high and able to see what I am doing. Children are extremely curious. It also helps that I tell him what I am doing . Even if it boiling water I will tell him why I am doing it. Treat it as a learning experience for them. Your able to get some housework done and teach at the same time.

It may seem silly telling them what you are doing. Children are smart though and it is a way for them to learn. Whether it may seem like it or not children learn how to speak from us. Even at a young age, as my son is 7 months old and I have told him everything I do since he was born. It is never to early to educate.


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