Being able to hear your baby’s heartbeat at home

I received these product for free in exchange for writing my honest review. Although the product was free, all opinions are of my own.

Baby’s heartbeat

When you are pregnant the greatest thing to hear is your baby’s heartbeat. You literally wait for each appointment just to hear it. I remember the first time I heard my sons heart. I was eight weeks pregnant and it was the most amazing sound I heard. My husband and I could not wait to have another appointment just to hear my baby. We always wanted to be able to hear my baby whenever I wanted to.

Fetal Doppler

After I had my son I decided to look around and find a fetal Doppler so I would have it for the next baby. That is when I came across angel sounds sold by Fairhaven health. I was super happy to find this product and look forward to being able to listen to my next baby whenever I want. It even has a aux cord so I can hook it up to a speaker and let other family members hear my baby as well. It came with headphones and batteries. I absolutely love it and can’t wait to use it on my next baby.

Heart Beat


In the meantime, I could test it out on a friend. That was one way to give a person baby fever. It is just so amazing hearing this little heartbeat and know it’s this tiny human being. I loved being able to experience hearing a heartbeat outside of an Ob/Gyn office. This little thing worked great. You do have to at least be 16 weeks’ pregnancy and either use ultrasound gel or water.

After hearing her baby’s heartbeat, I really cannot wait to hear my next baby’s heartbeat. I can just imagine my husband and son listening to it every day. It will be such a wonderful experience. I am happy I found this product and will have fun using it on my pregnant friends until I have another one.

Did you want a fetal Doppler when you were pregnant? Are you going to get one for your next pregnancy? This would make a great baby shower gift.

Fetal doppler



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