9 reasons why and how I chose my sons God Parents

God Parents

Why and how I choose my son’s God parents

Choosing God parents is tough and it is not something everyone does. It is just the same as choosing who is getting custody of your child if anything were to happen to you and your spouse. I had to think long and hard on who we choose to be Baby A’s. I had a list of requirements and people. This was not a decision to take lightly as this is someone you have to trust to always have the best interest for your child.

9 reasons

  1. Family oriented.

    I didn’t want someone who wouldn’t spend time with family. The person I chose had to be someone who would show Baby A the importance of family and spending time with them. I am very family oriented and never miss a family event if I could help it and wanted someone who had the same values.God Parents

  2. Support and Respect his decisions.

    I understand you may not always agree with what your child does in life. Just as I know it is always important to support them even if you don’t agree. A child needs their parents and family support in order to succeed in life.

  3. Reliable.

    This is so very important to me. I chose someone who would go to his band recitals or soccer games. I chose someone who would show up to his birthday parties and celebrate all his accomplishments with him. Someone who would always be there for him.

  4. Age.

    I automatically eliminated all great grandparents and grandparents. They have already raised their children and are best suited as what they are grands. My son is very tiresome and constantly on the go so he would need someone who could keep up with him and not be too stressful on them as they get older.

  5. Compassionate.

    I wanted someone who would kiss his boo boos and tell him everything would be okay. Someone that he could cry on their shoulder and they wouldn’t judge him for it but understand.

    God Parents

  6. Responsible.

    The person I chose had to be responsible. Taking care of another human being is an amazing responsibility. One that is the greatest accomplishment and honor anyone can receive.

  7. A couple.

    The people I chose I wanted to be in a relationship. This gives them a support system and a helping hand. It takes a village to raise a child and having a spouse or significant other to lean on is a wonderful pleasure.

    God Parents

  8. Trust.

    I needed someone I trusted whole heartily. Someone I would trust with my own life if I am trusting them with my child’s life.

  9. Control.

    I chose someone who I know would not try to control him. If my son wanted a mo-hawk they would let him have a mo-hawk. I didn’t want someone who will tell him how to live his life and what choices he should make.

    The God Parents

These traits and qualities are the reason I came to the decision of who would be my sons God parents. The people I choose have all of these qualities and more. They are people I know, love, and care about. People who have supported me and showed me what amazing future parents they will be. They have been there from the beginning and have helped me out when I needed a babysitter without fail. These two-amazing people who as respect my parenting decisions. These two people are my baby brother and sister in law. They are the perfect God parents for my son and will raise him as their own. While still respect my parenting choices. They would have the best interest for Baby A rather than for their self’s.God Parents

As with anything when it comes to parenting we had a backup plan if they had said no or were unable to take him. We had chosen another amazing couple. This couple is already parents so we can see what kind of parents they are. They let their kids make their own decisions but teach them respect and discipline as well.

This is why and how we chose my sons god parents. How did you choose your child’s God parents or guardians if anything were to happen?


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