October 2016

Halloween Fun

Halloween FunHalloween

I am big on the holidays whether it’s Valentine’s Day, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas. I love them all. It is a time you get to spend with your family. A time to all get-together and celebrate. This year my son will be experiencing everything for the first time. Last year he was as a newborn so didn’t really get to join in on the festivities. This will be his very first Halloween. I am so excited about it as are my parents. He will be an adorable fierce tiger. My parents even bought him a little bucket so he can go door to door like the rest of the kids.  Continue Reading →

Kiinde Twist

Kiinde Twist

The Kiinde twist is absolutely awesome. It is definitely a breastfeeding must have. I just love that I can pump straight into the bag and then freeze it. Once I am ready to use it I can thaw it out warm it up and attach it to the bottle that it comes with.  The kit I received was a sample kit. It came with the bottle, two nipples a slow flow, a medium flow, two storage bags, the breast pump attachment (which you can choose the one that fits your pump), and a 50% off coupon.  Continue Reading →

Tips and Tricks on how to deal with bath time dramtics

Bath Time Dramatics

Bath Time Dramatics-First Bath

When my son got his first bath let me tell you the drama was real. He was screaming and kicking. I felt bad for my husband having to hold our little 7lb 5oz wiggly infant being first-time parents yikes. I was just watching snapping pictures trying to document every moment. As I knew he wouldn’t be that tiny for long. This being our first child I was not expecting screaming. I always saw other kids babbling, smiling, or at least just lying there. The funny thing about it was it was just a sponge bath.  Continue Reading →

Earth’s Best Organic Baby Food Pouches

Earth’s Best Organic Baby Food Review

We are not always able to make baby food and sometimes just want to be able to grab something really quick. I know I still prefer to have organic.  I was thrilled to have received these Earth’s Best Organic baby food pouches to try out. I opened one of them up and you can instantly hear the seal breaking. I handed one to my baby and let him have at it. It was funny watching him suck it all down. He was even lifting his head and the pouch up to get every last bite. I loved the fact he loved them and that they were organic. The one he tested out at first was even non-GMO. That is a great thing to know when feeding our little ones.  Continue Reading →


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