September 2016

Lets kids be kids not electronic zombies

Kid being a kidIn today’s society, electronics play a big part of our children’s day to day lives. Obesity rates are rising and our children are spending less time outside. It is becoming
a norm to let electronics such as iPad, television, and etc babysit our children. Households are becoming divided no one speaking to each other. The internet knows more about our children then us as parents do. It is becoming a sad reality to modern day society.  Continue Reading →

Hot Tot Sweet Pea Curl Serum

 Baby A curly hair

Baby A has very curly hair but it will frizz up really easily. We have tried different types of baby gels and oils to see if that will work on it. We not only needed something to work on it but also to be able to go on wet as well as dry. Surprisingly there are not many curl serums on the market for babies and toddlers. After searching on amazon I came across hot tot curl serum.  Continue Reading →

Arts and Crafts: Finger painting fun

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts

I love doing arts and crafts with my husband and son. We just have such a wonderful time. This week we decided to do some finger painting. It is something I knew my son would love doing and my husband would love helping him. I had done finger painting with him since he could sit up on his own. It is just something I try to encourage as it is a way he can express himself as he gets older. Plus, it is very fun to do and makes great gifts for family.  Continue Reading →

Spent my mom break cleaning the apartment

Mom Break

A needed break

When you are a mom it is hard to get a break. There is always something to do. A diaper needs to be changed, a baby needs to be fed, a sippy cup needing found, and etc. When you do get a break, it is rare. I was given a break from my husband yesterday. That was definitely a needed break. Even though I was not happy how long they were going to be gone.  I even told him to just come back a couple times, of course, he refused.  Continue Reading →

Making memories at the Park, Today!!

Park adventures

Tdsc_0626aking my son to the park today was a blast. He had so much fun, even made a little friend. His head was turning this way and that way. We were walking all over the place trying to explore. He even went down the slide like a big boy. Of course with me holding on to him after all, he still my baby boy. The time we spent the longest on would be the swing. I was so proud of him. He starting swinging on his own leaning forward and backwards to keep going. Such a smardsc_0672t little man I have. Taking the time out of my day to just go spend time at the park that was the greatest part.

No matter how busy you get or how much you have going on in your life. Make time to spend with your little ones. Don’t miss out on their childhood by being too busy to enjoy it. They grow up so fast. Treasure every second of it. You will never get that second back. Whether having a picnic at the park or playing a board game idsc_0677nside. Go out for a walk around the neighborhood or to your local ice cream parlor for a cone. You won’t regret it. Seeing the smile on your childs’ face after spending time with them. That is one of the greatest joys of being a parent.


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