August 21, 2016

Teach your child to get back up and try again

    Learning to walk

My son is now trying to walk so falls a lot. I honestly try not to react no matter how much I want to. The more I react the more my son will. If I don’t react he will roll over and try again. The moment I do the water works start flowing.

Being a parent its hard to see your child stumble. You want to make things easier for them and help them. Eventually we have to let go whether it’s letting their hands go to take steps or letting them do things on their own. It is the only way they will learn. Build the independence they are going to need as they get older.

As parents we don’t want to let go and see our child grow up. We want to keep them little as long as possible. No matter how much we want them to stay little it is just not realistic. They have to grow up eventually and move out on their own. Make their own memories and experiences.


Some of those experiences we would rather them not have but it is part of life. I hate seeing my little 7 month old fall but I know this is something he has to do. Least if he learns to fall he also learns to get back up and try again. He may not get it the second time but eventually he will. That is a life lesson all children must learn to thrive in life. Being a parents means being their teacher as well after all the first lessons are taught at home.

My job as a parent is to make sure he gets back up and tries again. Make sure he not only survives in the world but thrive. It is never to early for a child to learn. Just remember no matter how old they get they will always be your baby. I just hope as he gets older that he will come to me if he has any questions or needs help working through anything.


Mommy and Me working out together

    Working out

Working out with a very active 8 month old is tough. I try to include him in every activity. Whether its me cleaning telling him how to do it or cooking having him in his high chair watching. I make sure he knows what is going on. It’s a great learning experience for them even at such a young age. It also helps that he wants to be included and learn.

Trying to work out when I never did even before I had him plus keeping an eye on him was just giving me an excuse not to. I had to find a way to include him in my work out. Didn’t help he kept trying to go under my feet. I didn’t want him to get injured nor have me fall.

After scouring YouTube (great place to find free workout videos) I found some mommy and me workouts so was able to include him. Instead of having to use weights I just used him. He had fun doing what I was doing and I got a great workout. I can honestly say I have never sweated so much before.

My son weighs 23lbs 7oz. So having to hold him was definitely kicking me into fat burning heart rate zone. I have a fit bit blaze thanks to my baby brother and his girlfriend (birthday present) so it tells me all my stats such as heart rate, time, calories, and what zone I am in. It is most definitely a great workout tool. I just suggest when working out with your little one invest in a baby carrier if you don’t already own one. As it will help you get better range of motion if not having to hold your little one.


Baby falling off the bed, Oh my!!

Baby falling off the bed, Oh my!The very first time

BOOM! OH NO! The baby fell off the bed. Is he hurt? Maybe we should take him to the hospital, to get him` checked out? Does he have any bumps or bruises? I can’t believe our baby fell off the bed! We are horrible parents! How did we let this happen? Now he is crying and so am I, he must hate me now.  Continue Reading →


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