A place where a kid can be a kid – Chuck E. Cheese

Chuck E. CheeseMy sons new favorite place –  Chuck E. Cheese

Are you looking for a fun place to take your toddler? A place where a kid can be a kid and still have safety measures? If so this post is for you. Let’s talk about my son’s favorite place to go Chuck E. Cheese. If my child could live at Chuck E. Cheese, he would. It is to the point I might as well invest in their stocks as we go every week now. It reminds me of his favorite cartoon Blaze and the monster machines but that’s another story I am sure you can relate to.  Continue Reading →


11 Breastfeeding Essentials


First Time breastfeeding

When you’re a first-time mom you don’t know what you actually need to breastfeed. I know I had no idea what was needed. After scouring the internet but I  could never find a list. I had to play a guessing game as to what I needed. I have been breastfeeding 11 months now that no way makes me a pro but I do know the essentials I used. To me, these are products I couldn’t live without and it makes life so much easier.

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Going back to college and the mom guilt

Going back to college and the mom guiltAttending college

I recently started back attending college. When I was pregnant I was working on my bachelor’s degree. My husband and I decided for me to be a stay at home mom and it was best for me to take a break from school. It really came at the perfect time as I was getting burnt out and was ready to quit. Now that Rama is almost two years old it was time for me to go back. Only thing is I didn’t realize I would have so much  mom guilt by going back.  Continue Reading →


7 ways to prepare for taking your baby to the doctors

7 ways to prepare for taking your baby to the doctorsTaking a baby to the doctors

During the first two years of your child’s life you have an average of 10+ doctors’ appointments. Some of those appointments are for the basic vaccinations and others are for when your baby gets sick. As hard as we try to prevent such occurrences it is bound to happen. I find it important that after my sons first shots to expose him to germs as to help build up his immune system.  Continue Reading →


Our three year wedding anniversary trip – Day two

Day twoThree year wedding anniversary

Our three-year wedding anniversary trip continues. We had so much fun on our trip. Before we even went on our anniversary trip my husband said the only thing he would tell me was that we would all have fun. He was so right about that. On the second day we went to Ihop, the water park, toured the hotel, and went to eat at the Blue Goose Cantina.  Continue Reading →


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