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Breastfeeding for the very first time

Breastfeeding When I first found out I was pregnant I always knew I wanted to breastfeed my son. I thought it would be the easiest thing just put him to my breast and he would latch on. It seems simple, right? After all, I had no one to really tell me differently. I didn’t know anyone who breastfed and you don’t read about the first time they latch. It just seems like a subject no one is really comfortable talking about. Misguided perception Let me just say I really wish someone would have corrected me in my misguided perception. The very first time I breastfed Baby A it was painful. It felt like my nipple was going to be ripped off. He refused to open his mouth big enough to latch properly. No matter what I tried he always would just chomp on the very tip of my nipples causing Read More

Aleva Naturals

Aleva Naturals baby products review

Aleva Naturals Aleva Naturals had a variety of natural, organic and vegan skincare products for both baby and their mom. They are based out of Canada but do ship to the USA as well as other places. I love that they use organic and natural products as Baby A has super sensitive skin. He will break out in hives rapidly when something irritates his skin. I have tried several products from their company and they are all great. Daily Soothing Moisturizer The daily soothing moisturizer works great. My son did not break out like he usually does with some brands. It is enriched with organic shea butter, olive oil, natural almond oil and oatmeal extracts. It is petrochemicals, mineral oil, paraben, and perfume free. That really is great when it is coming in contact with our little ones skin. I also love the fact that it is certified organic. This Read More

AJAllen Creations

Styling Baby A in AjAllen Creations Hug Life Shirt

Styling Baby A This week for styling Baby A we have a cute little shirt from AjAllen Creations on Esty. The shirt baby A received is absolutely adorable and fits his sweet loving personality. About AjAllen Creations AjAllen Creations was created when she won a Silhouette Portrait in a giveaway. She started out making things for her classroom as she is a full-time teacher. That really is remarkable and commendable job teaching our young. After a while, she received requests from other teachers asking her to create things for them.  It was only then she decided to open up none other than AjAllen Creations. It really must be hard work to not only be a full-time teacher but a business owner as well. She has so many great things in her shop. You will find baby/toddler/kids onesies and shirts, shirts for moms, teacher gifts, mugs, gifts, and iron on vinyl Read More

Flying with a baby

Tips on flying with a baby

Flying with a baby . The first trip he was only four months old and we flew out to North Carolina. The second trip he was seven months old and my husband surprised me for our anniversary with a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada. I loved flying but it was stressful and very chaotic for me. We somehow managed to have layovers, delays, flight changes, and traveled to different time zones on both flights. We even were stuck on standby for 8 hours for the flight to Las Vegas but that will be another time. The first time I flew with baby A I was alone. Being a first-time parent and flying alone with my infant was scary. To make matters worse it was also the very first time I flew without my parents or little brother. That flight was definitely a learning experience. It also helped with my nervousness Read More

Tips on taking a road trip with a baby

Tips on taking a road trip with a baby

Road Trip The idea of traveling with a baby in any form is nerve-racking. Hearing all the stories of screaming kids can make any parent worried about traveling, especially a first-time parent. Traveling with an infant is doable. It just takes a  bit of planning, even if it’s a surprise road trip your spouse decided to make for y’all. One of the main tasks you have to worry about is packing. I know that seems easy enough to do just throw some clothes in a bag and your toiletries, done. Wait now you have a baby to think about. It is always easy to forget stuff when it comes to packing for them. Another thing you need to know is how long you’re going to be gone. An extra day can make all the difference in the world but don’t freak out if it is for an extended day just Read More