Flying with a baby

Tips on flying with a baby

Flying with a baby . The first trip he was only four months old and we flew out to North Carolina. The second trip he was seven months old and my husband surprised me for our anniversary with a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada. I loved flying but it was stressful and very chaotic for me. We somehow managed to have layovers, delays, flight changes, and traveled to different time zones on both flights. We even were stuck on standby for 8 hours for the flight to Las Vegas but that will be another time. The first time I flew with baby A I was alone. Being a first-time parent and flying alone with my infant was scary. To make matters worse it was also the very first time I flew without my parents or little brother. That flight was definitely a learning experience. It also helped with my nervousness Read More

Tips on taking a road trip with a baby

Tips on taking a road trip with a baby

Road Trip The idea of traveling with a baby in any form is nerve-racking. Hearing all the stories of screaming kids can make any parent worried about traveling, especially a first-time parent. Traveling with an infant is doable. It just takes a  bit of planning, even if it’s a surprise road trip your spouse decided to make for y’all. One of the main tasks you have to worry about is packing. I know that seems easy enough to do just throw some clothes in a bag and your toiletries, done. Wait now you have a baby to think about. It is always easy to forget stuff when it comes to packing for them. Another thing you need to know is how long you’re going to be gone. An extra day can make all the difference in the world but don’t freak out if it is for an extended day just Read More

Family Day Adventures 1

Family day adventures 1

Family Day Family time is so very important whether it is spending time with your spouse and children or with your parents. I pride myself on being very family oriented. I never miss a family event even when I was having contractions in labor. We made it to the family event. Each week we set aside a day or two just to focus on family. We run errands go to the park or some other adventure. I want my son to grow up understanding the importance of spending time with your family. No matter how busy life gets always make time for your loved ones. This week This week for family time we had an interesting time. Baby A got to spend some time with his Pawpaw and Gamma and some with his Nana and grandma. He absolutely loves his Pawpaw. He can even say Pawpaw now but it won’t Read More

Baby sick

Baby sick for first-time

Baby sick When Baby A got sick for the very first time I was so worried. I knew he would be okay but I didn’t know what to do to make him feel better. He was only a month old so there really wasn’t much I could do to improve the situation. I just had to let Mother Nature run its course. Fortunately, he just was congested so it did not take long for him to get better. It did take a lot of nose suctioning and baby Vicks on his feet with socks on. I remember feeling so bad that he was sick. I called and made an appointment with his pediatrician. I called my mom and aunt to see if they had any advice as to what to do. I hadn’t known it was just congestion at the time. I just knew he was miserable and sounded horrible. Read More

Milkies Freeze

 Milkies Freeze sold by Fairhaven Health Trying to keep track of when you put your breast milk in the freezer and which is oldest is tedious work. I will literally just grab the first one I can find. After all, it usually gets mixed up with my other groceries. I just do not have the time to organize my breast milk along with everything else. Now that I have the milkies freeze I do not have to. It not only stores all my breast milk in one convenient place but it also goes by the first in first out method. Added bonus you can put your breast milk bag on the top to have it freeze it flat. What you need to know The milkies freeze is a breast milk bag storage container. This way you do not have to worry about searching and organizing your breast milk bags. All Read More